Mental health has a direct impact on the overall life quality of an individual. The good or bad mental health of a person is often influenced by the people and environment that he is surrounded with. Also, the condition of one’s mental health will also have an effect on those surrounding him. There could be several factors that can contribute to the deterioration of a person’s psychic wellness. Given below are five of those reasons.

Death Of A Loved One 

It is part of human nature to get attached to other people. Being able to spend time with their loved ones not only makes humans happy but will also have a positive effect on their mental health. However, losing a loved one can be a very tough experience in one’s life. 

Most of the time people get mentally disturbed and it seems impossible to live their lives like before. It is also a major reason behind the depression and anxiety problems of numerous people. Although help from a dear one and proper treatment can aid in overcoming the tragedy.

Abusive Childhood 

Having a childhood spoiled with abusive experiences is also a major reason behind the poor mental health of an individual. A person who suffered from any kind of abuse including physical, mental, verbal, sexual, etc is more likely to have bad mental health conditions. 

A child might face abuse anywhere at home, school, or outside. It also has a direct impact on a person’s personality and social behavior when he grows up. Such children can grow up with their hearts and minds filled with low self-confidence, distrust, anger, depression.

If not treated, these things can be really harmful to individuals themselves and society. Some kids cope up with their negative experiences as they grow up while others require therapies or counseling. 

Physical Fitness

Physical health and mental health go side by side. Any disturbance in one can affect the other. Some people are born with different kinds of physical disabilities and some can get one later in life due to some kind of accident. For instance injuries like the brain, spinal, leg, or anything that limits a person from achieving their goals physically. 

This can lead to depression, anxiety, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts. In such cases, it is best to seek help from a psychologist as soon as possible. Regular counseling and group sessions with other people can help individuals recover in a better environment.

Family History

It is not something that is guaranteed but many kinds of research have shown that people who have a family history of mental disorders are more prone to developing one. There could be numerous factors involved, for instance, genes or the external environment. It is also referred to as Intergenerational trauma. 

Unhealthy Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle and bad mental health are parallel to each other. It includes several factors such as drinking alcohol, drug abuse, gambling, smoking, etc. People who already have mental health issues think that resorting to these things can help them relieve their stress. Whereas these things only worsen their already deteriorated mental condition. 

These addictions also make it harder for doctors to treat the patient. Excessive alcohol intake can alter the brain’s chemical chemistry such as reduced levels of norepinephrine or serotonin hormones. This can lead to more elevated depression symptoms. Whatever the cause behind, multiple effective medications are there to treat anxiety and other mental disorders such as Lorazepam in Mexico and other parts of the world. 

Environmental factors

Numerous physical, genetic, or environmental factors can trigger mental health issues. Sometimes the individuals are mentally stable and there is nothing wrong with them but at some point in their life due to any external event or change in their surroundings can cause them to develop bad mental health. For instance, a sudden change of environment in school or at home can mentally disturb a child. 

There are other incidents at schools or workplaces that can severely damage a person’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and progressively lead to bad mental health. Unemployment or low income is also a rapidly increasing cause of bad mental health.

The mental health of a person depends on several reasons including genetics, physical factors, surrounding environment, etc. Such issues can develop at any stage of life but it is not impossible to treat them. Treating mental problems is essential because it not only affects the concerned person but also others surrounding them.