Internet safety is among the biggest topics in today’s society. Pardon that thought, it has actually been so for several years now. Well, the logical explanation behind this is that the number of internet users around the globe keeps increasing by the minute, and the reasons for this need not be emphasized. Without delving much into the statistics; how safe is your private data when using the internet for work, education, play, or socializing?

If you have asked yourself this question once or several times, a VPN could be your solution. The truth is, the internet is full of prying eyes from hackers, scammers, marketers, and tons of other users seeking to take advantage of your private data or personal information. While some use it with the genuine intention to positively impact your life; many of them will use it for their own selfish gains.

The comforting fact is that it depends on the site you visit, the links you click on, and what you use the internet for. Your vulnerability may also depend on other factors such as how you browse the internet; the antivirus software you use, and how you protect your passwords. All in all, a VPN comes in handy for any internet user who is cautious about their safety online. So, why exactly should you consider using a VPN for your online activities?

Here are four good reasons to use a virtual private network when surfing the web.

1. You Occasionally Use Public Wi-Fi 

If you are fond of using shared or public connections such as Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, bar, or the airport to access the internet using your private device, you have a giant reason to use a virtual private network. In such instances, professionals from recommend choosing a reputable VPN for the device you are using. The VPN protects your personal and private data from access by cybercriminals when using such highly-targeted public networks.

A good VPN will mask your location, banking transaction information, passwords, browsing history, and other information so an ill-intentioned stranger can’t access it.

2. You Need Access To Blocked Sites in Your Location 

Especially for video content, Geoblocking is a common aspect in today’s world of entertainment and online streaming. This means that if you are a Hulu or Starz subscriber, you may not be able to stream your favorite shows once you travel to some countries outside the US. With a VPN, however, you can spoof your location enough to access restricted or blocked content in that location. It helps save time and money compared to calling the service provider and negotiating the same, not forgetting that you may not have cellular reception in the said location.

3. You Work Remotely 

Enhanced data encryption is perhaps the biggest advantage of using a VPN. When using a virtual private network, the transmitted data from your computer is encrypted; so that its meaning appears distorted or obscured. This is what allows your information to stay safe and secure when going about your business online.

If you have a business that could benefit from remote workers; a VPN could be the ideal solution to keep your company data safe. Your remote employees can securely connect to the workplace network and even access sensitive data without leaking it or attracting the attention of cybercriminals.

4. To Maintain Data Privacy 

Finally, you may also want to keep your internet data private from an internet service provider (ISP), government, or some of your favorite apps and services. In either case, a VPN can come in handy. Yes, connecting to the internet through a home network is generally safer compared to using a public network; but ISPs are usually able to access your internet data at will. 

If you suspect that your ISP may share your sensitive information with third parties; a VPN can help strengthen your online data privacy. It can also help protect your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands through the everyday apps on your phone or laptop browser. It’s also a great way to prevent some of those annoying ads that pop up on the screen from time to time. 

A virtual private network can be a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to strengthen their internet safety and privacy while enhancing convenience. The best part is that VPNs are easy to use, and they come in various versions depending on the device you are using to access the web. Once you get a reliable VPN, don’t forget other cybersecurity measures like installing a reliable antivirus or malware protection solution on your connectivity device.