If you have a new electric beach cruiser, you’re excited to take it on a tour of San Diego. With its beautiful beaches and overlooks onto San Diego Bay, it’s hard to beat this city’s bike riding scene. Here’s what you need to know about planning your electric bike trip to America’s Finest City.

Top Bike Riding Laws To Know

If you’re a newcomer to San Diego electric bikes, there are a few laws you should know about. First, electric bikes are governed by the same laws as regular bikes. As a result, riding your e-bike through town when you’ve been drinking is illegal. Additionally, San Diego codes require you to wear a helmet if you’re not an adult. 

Other bike riding laws govern what modifications you can make to your bike. It’s illegal to ride bikes with handlebars that are higher than your shoulders because these models are hard to steer. Removing your brakes is also illegal (and incredibly unsafe).

Top Biking Spots To Hit

Now that you know San Diego’s laws, you’re ready to plan the best biking trip with your electric beach cruisers. To see the entire San Diego coastline, travel up the Pacific Coast Highway. This route begins at the US-Mexico border and ends at Oceanside. Popular starting points are Del Mar and La Jolla, but you can ride on as much or as little of the road as you want. Watch out for Torrey Pines and other difficult hills, and choose some flatter stretches if you’re new to biking.

For an intense challenge with rewarding views, explore East County’s Laguna Mountain. This peak crests in Cleveland National Forest, allowing you to take your mountain bike through the beautiful woods. There are a few trails rated for varying levels of experience and strength.

The Mission Bay area boasts 27 miles of bike paths that are completely paved. Cars are forbidden on these trails, so they’re peaceful and safe. There are plenty of easy trips to the beach that are perfect for your family and inexperienced riders.

Top Places To Stop

When you’re riding your e-bike all day, you get tired and hungry even with the help of your motor. Plan a stopping point in La Jolla, one of San Diego’s most popular locations. Take a dip in La Jolla Shores Beach, learn how to snorkel at La Jolla Underwater Park, and take photos at Scripps Pier. When you’re ready to eat, dine at Herringbone La Jolla, Calvin’s Korean Hot Chicken, or The Taco Stand.

Another good rest stop is Del Mar, a beach town on the Pacific Coast Highway. This town is famous for its race track, so check if any horse races are scheduled during your trip. It boasts many beaches, including Seagrove Park and a dog beach. For food, check out Brigantine, Beside Balcony, or Market Restaurant and Bar.

Plan the biking trip of a lifetime by taking your new electric bike to experience the beaches, trails, and restaurants of San Diego.

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