Nowadays, many people love to hear their favorite novels and books apart from reading them.  AudioBookBay is the best platform where you can hear your favorite books from the options available there.  The platform has more than 1000 options of books that the user of the platform can hear. And any person can get access to the platform easily without any hassle. You will find some audios on the website that are there selected recordings based on customer review.  The books that are chosen very frequently and at maximum times appear in the list.  

People who are beginners and don’t know about choosing a book can get help from this option.  Users can also download the application on their phones for better and easy access.  Here, you also get options to get the best audiobook that is formulated for you. Furthermore, the audiobooks for free are also available on the audiobookbay platform. Users can fill a small form which requires their age, type of novels they prefer, most loved author and then create a list.  

Apart from this here is also a list of books that are searched frequently and the most popular ones.  The users are also given the facility to choose any favorite audiobook by giving the name of its author.  You can also write your reviews on the website if you want any changes or are willing to give your views. 

 Access Of AudioBookBay

The web network is easily accessible in countries like Germany, Australia, France, Norway, etc. But recently, due to some technical issues, it is blocked in India, the US, Canada, South Africa, Netherland, and Spain.  Whereas there are many options through which the user can use it in the block the Nations also.  Consider checking the new proxy and URL that get launched for the website, as from here, you can get access to the website. 

 How Can User Download An AudioBook From AudioBookBay?

Downloading from the website is quite easy; users only need to select the book they want to download.  After selecting, a page will open a description page for your selected book in front of them.  Scrolling down the page, you will come across download options for the audiobook. In addition, you will see blue underlined links; these are the actual link that provides the real download of the file. 

 VPN Services For AudioBookBay

It has been known through social media news that the platform is blocked in many countries through the official website.  But there is nothing to be worried about because it could be accessed easily through a VPN service.  Countries that have been blocked can use the VPN and get access to the audiobook bay for free.  A VPN is a service that hides the IP address and geographical location from where the site is being accessed.  Numerous VPNs are available, from which users can choose any to download from a blocked site. 

 New Domain Of AudioBookBay

The previous torrent site ABB blocked in many countries has shifted to a new torrent website.  From this torrent, any user can enter the website easily through the simple process. The new domain is, and the new URL which users can use is the domain. These are the URL and domain addresses through which any country can use the audiobook bay platform. 

 Look At The Top 20 Alternative Of AudioBookBay

AudioBook bay is now blocked in many countries and the domain is also changing frequently, it is time to get an alternative. No doubt, the platform provides the best audios of the books, and the selection is also outstanding. But as the change in domains, it is also necessary to know about the AudioBookBay Alternatives

  1. Audible

Link of this site:


Audible is also a great website that could be chosen at the place of audiobook bay.  The website provides many features that are similar to the torrent website of audiobooks.  Here you can get options that will meet your requirements of choosing any ebook easily and fast.  Users can get many files available here; also, the interface of the website is great.  This is the reason why it is chosen as best alternatives to AudioBookBay

  1. Loyal Books

Link of this site:

Loyal Books

Loyal books can be used to hear your favorite ebooks because the collection available here is very vast.  The categories are also very specifying. Therefore you can choose any book without confusion.  The categories available here are kids, fiction, fantasy, suspense, romance, and many others.  Apart from this, it is also a great choice for novel lovers.  But still, the AudioBookBay remains the first preference of users due to the provided features. 

  1. Thought Audio

Link of this site:

Thought Audio

The website contains very elegant literacy and ideological books that could be downloaded from the platform.  The download and online hearing options are both available, and both are completely free. Furthermore, people can search through the categories, book name, author name, or experience.  In addition to all these, you also get the facility of sorting by the newest launch.  This will make it easier, as this facility was also available for the users in the audiobook bay, when it was assessable.

  1. Storynory

Link of this site:


The website’s best feature is that it gets updated every week, which means you will get a new audiobook weekly.  The audiobooks that are published here are from the beguiling speech of Natasha Goswick.  Matter on the website is generally according to kids, as it is thematic and animated.  But the website is perfect for children, as the interface contains many entertaining songs also.  A collection of a poem is also available on the platform, which could be beneficial for kids and kindergarten children. 

  1. Extra Torrent

Link of this site:

Extra Torrent

If you want a variety of audiobooks similar to the audiobook bay, you can consider extratorrent. As it contains plenty of options and the compatibility of the website is also great. Furthermore, it provides the facility of downloading the ebooks on any device, which can be heard anytime.  Searching at the platform is also easy due to the provided classifications and categories.  Once downloading the audiobook, the user can transfer it to any portable device. 

  1. Librivox

Link of this site:


Librivox is counted as AudioBookBay alternatives and its user interface and in many other features. It is the oldest and the genuine platform that is offering services for a very long time.  The options that are available here are huge; around 8000+ books are accessible here.  Even the subscription sites that charge some money do not provide such huge options. So hopefully, any book or novel you are looking for in the form of an audiobook will be available here. 

  1. Overdrive

Link of this site:


People who love to listen to audiobooks and e-books then they can consider using the overdrive platform. It has many features and is likely similar to audiobookbay. Here people can get access to different libraries that are available on the platform. Those libraries contain different sets of books that are arranged according to a particular category. This application could be easily installed in Android phones as well as in IOS applications also. The sound quality provided by it is exciting, and it also enables a user to share books through to Kindle. 

  1. The Pirate Bay

Link of this site:

The Pirate Bay

People who love digital books and audiobooks of different themes can install this application on their mobile devices. It provides an easy functionality through which users can find any material without any trouble. The Pirate Bay provided here for searching a book are a tare through a category, author’s name, and book name or by type of book. The greatest benefit of using this platform is that it provides a diverse range for its readers and listeners. Apart from that, the users can use the site map to find any book easily.

  1. LearnOutLoud

Link of this site:


Readers who want books for academic purposes can get many desired books here. They can get documentaries, speeches, and audiobooks from different professional authors. Users can read many free novels that could enhance their career greatly because the topics available here are very knowledgeable. A listener could get books on technology, science and fiction, personality development, traveling, and industrial development. These are some of the hot topics that are recently popular on the website and getting many views. College students who are related to the science field can get greatly benefited from using the application.

  1. FreeClassicAudioBooks

Link of this site:


People fond of using audiobook bay can install this application without thinking about any aspect as it resembles the audiobook bay in many of its features, such as the novels and philosophies available here. Apart from audiobooks, you can also get access to PDF transcriptions which could be saved and read later. The website does not allow downloading many files at a time, but every file and audiobook is available online all the time. People who want to download it can download the books in installments.

  1. Project Gutenberg

Link of this site:

Project Gutenberg

 You will be glad to know that the platform is providing around 57000 e-books for their readers. Another great thing about the platform is that all the books available here are completely free, which means you don’t have to pay any subscription fees. Readers were fond of literature books can find their entire favorite and desired books on the platform easily. You can find books related to many different subjects by clicking on the different links provided on the homepage. The number of e-books that are available here is very wide and huge.

  1. Open Culture

Link of this site:

Open Culture

This is an academic application that offers many books for school and college students. Apart from the academic books, you can also get movies, e-books, and books in a different language. Here the download option is also open for all the books available on the platform, and you can download unlimited books at any time. The download option available here is usually for the MP3 player desktop, which provides great sound quality. If you are fond of studying online, then it can enhance your academic values greatly.

  1. Lit2Go

Link of this site:


One who is fond of listening to poems and tales at night or any time of the day should go for this platform.  All the material available here has a time counts below the stories; this way, you can also select anyone according to your timing. If you don’t have much time to listen, then you can also choose the small one. Apart from this, the website’s interface is also very beautiful and elegant, which could be easily accessed on any Android phone. The platform resembles a lot to audiobook bay in many of its features. 

  1. Audiobook  Sync

Link of this site:

Audiobook  Sync

This platform contains many academic-level books and books that can enhance the level of academic students. Any student that is above the age of 13 could access the platform and enhance their skills. This platform provides an update in which it brings two new audiobooks every season for the students. Students can consider growing their academic skills, reading, and listening skills by using the application during the summer breaks. It could enhance their level greatly when they go back to school after their breaks, and it will also help them in better understanding of the concepts.

  1. Audiobooks. Cloud

Link of this site:

Audiobooks. Cloud

People who are looking for download options of the books can use the application as it provides a variety of torrents for the purpose. Apart from this, you don’t need to pay any money at the platform for downloading any book or e-book. Modern software is require to install this application on your phone. Solve is considered checking the compatibility of your software for the application before you go for downloading it. If you have a good internet connection that provides fluent video streaming, then you will get no problem downloading any book from the platform.

  1. Spotify

Link of this site:


Spotify is actually a music platform; this platform provides music for all tastes. You can get any music in any language through the platform easily. It provides you the facility of listening to music online; apart from this, it also provides you audiobooks. But when it comes to audiobooks, it is actually a paid platform. This means you have to pay the subscription amount if you want to download any audiobook from the platform. If you are a music lover, then consider installing the application because the range of music that is available here is very wide. 

  1. YouTube

Link of this site:

YouTube is a platform that provides video material on many different topics; you can find endless material on YouTube. Apart from this, the most beneficial part of using YouTube is that it is completely free, and you can also adjust the quality of videos to consume fewer data. Most of the audiobooks are available here, but this platform is actually more famous for songs and movies. But you can get access to academic content and novels. YouTube is a platform where you can watch series, TV serials, and many other funny videos.

  1. Scribe

Link of this site:


This application is very easy to use as an interface of the website is very convenient for all the users. This is actually a paid platform, but you could also get many audiobooks here for free. The filters that are available here for searching your favorite audiobook are numerous, which makes it a better option. Apart from this, when you search for something, you get the desired result, and along with that, you also get many related options. People who are fond of reading novels could also reach the platform for enhancing their knowledge in novels.

  1. Hoopla 

Link of this site:


People who have a library card can get access to hoopla; it provides the user many different audiobooks and novels to read. A simple search bar is available here where you can type the name of the eBook to get access to it. If you don’t have much knowledge about books and novels, then you can look for the content list for exploring something from it. The website allows desktop users, iOS users, and Android users to access the platform.

  1. Digital book. io

Link of this site:

Digital book. io

This website provides you the option of exploring millions of e-books and audiobooks; the download feature is also available.  You get the option of downloading the audiobook, and also, you can download a specific paragraph to which you want to listen. You also get the facility of connecting the platform to iTunes. People can get access to this platform for free, whereas it also has a subscription model. But many books available here are completely free for the users.

The Ending Words 

 Audiobookbay is the best platform where a user can read many books and can hear audiobooks. Unfortunately, due to some causes, it is not available in some countries. Therefore the alternative of the audiobook is also great.  But remember, the quality and the features that a user gets at audiobook bay are unmatching.  The variety of books, the selection, and the exclusive books are difficult to find on any other platform. Therefore, consider using the new VPN and domain to assess the audiobook bay easily. 

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