Haulage and transport businesses hold significant importance in the structure of any state and country. Since this business, in particular, facilitates many other businesses, companies, and industries, it is considered to be a crucial one. Many businesses and companies rely on haulage and transportation services in order to transport and deliver their products. Be it the food industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals, construction companies, and many others, all need haulage services once in a while.

Felixstowe has a port that is a popular trade spot for national and international exchange. This is why container haulage service in Felixstowe are in abundance. The products that arrived from overseas are picked up at the port and the containers are transported through road or railway to their ultimate destinations.

Haulage companies need to undertake proper safety measures and precautions to be able to run and complete their operations smoothly and securely. These safety measures cover all aspects from site to vehicle to driver safety.

Vehicle Safety

Vehicles used for haulage purposes should be in good condition and functional on all external and internal aspects. They should have a built-in GPS system for the purpose of tracking deliveries or in case of getting off route and lost. They should have security and anti-theft systems in place in case of theft or any other unfortunate incidents.

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The vehicles should also be fitted with proper mirroring and devices that help keep the drivers alert of their surroundings. They should have alarms or any visual indications to make the pedestrians; other vehicles aware of their presence to avoid any possible accidents. If they are carrying any sensitive or toxic substances, they should be displayed on them.

Driver Safety

Drivers should be properly trained and qualified before they are authorized to drive heavy-duty haulage vehicles. The applicants should be properly assessed and tested with training tasks and given any necessary additional training before appointing them as drivers. Regular assessments and training sessions should be the norm so that the drivers stay sharp and prepared.

Medical assessments should also be carried out on the drivers to make sure that they are fit and able to drive large and classified haulage vehicles. Medical should be clear on all the drivers stating that they are in their complete senses and able to carry out the transportation tasks vigilantly.

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Site Safety

Site design should be made according to the requirements of the services that the company provides. Space should be vast and proper for parking large vehicles and loading and unloading purposes. Cranes, forklifts and tractors, etc should have proper space and operating teams.

Mark the places and keep route maps for example container haulage in Felixstowe should have proper route maps of the town on which their vehicles operate. Make sure to have enough light on the site so the visibility is proper.

Also have a fire escape, extinguishers, and other protective gear according to the sensitive or volatile materials to be transported.

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