Springfield is the largest city in the State of Illinois and has a population of around 168,568. Statistics show that around 49.4% of the population have driver’s licenses. If you are a Springfield car accident victim, you will need the services of a Springfield car accident lawyer to recover the compensation from your insurance company. The frequency and number of car accidents in Springfield increase during winter when it snows heavily in the city. 

Springfield follows a “fault” system for car accident compensation. If another party’s negligence caused the accident, the party who caused the accident is responsible for compensating you. Even if another party’s negligence did not cause the accident, you are still eligible for compensation provided you have insurance coverage.            

Filing for Damages

To recover your car accident compensation, you will first have to file for compensation from the insurance company. Before you file for compensation, ensure that your policy covers the damages you suffered. If the other driver is responsible, you could file for compensation from the “at fault” party’s insurance company. Also, if your car has been damaged and requires extensive repairs, consider a rental accident car for your daily needs.

The Information Request Form will ask for details like your name, occupation, license number, registration number of your vehicle, details of the accident, etc. Your Springfield car accident lawyer can assist you with the process of filing for damages. 

Collection of Evidence and Documentation

The legal process involved in filing for car accident compensation could be overwhelming to a person who isn’t a lawyer or legal expert. An expert car accident attorney will know what evidence and documentation must be attached when filing for compensation. Your lawyer understands legal jargon and knows what points could work best in your favor.


If you caused the accident due to “inattentive driving” or “reckless driving,” you could face DUI charges that involve jail time or penalties as high as $2500. Your dui lawyer phoenix can help negotiate your case with the court to get you a “plea bargain.” The attorney will use his knowledge and communication skills to bring down your original charge to a minor charge with milder legal implications like reducing the fine or length of jail time.


Before you file for compensation, you need to know what compensation you are eligible for based on the severity of damages and your level of responsibility in causing the accident. In some cases, you may only be eligible for medical compensation and reimbursement. 

For instance, as per Springfield’s motor vehicles’ insurance laws, you may not be eligible for any compensation if you are 51% or more “at fault. Not only can your lawyer help you assess your responsibility, but the car accident lawyer can also help you establish that your responsibility level was lower than 50% using legally valid points.

An Experienced Attorney Can Help You Win

Over 70% of the population of Springfield is older than 18 and eligible to drive. If you are the victim of a Springfield car accident, it would be best to contact your lawyer immediately. 

Car accident lawyers deal with similar cases every day and are well-versed in the legal procedures and details involved. Working with an expert car accident lawyer can help speed up the compensation recovery process and make it a lot easier.