Before online users take any action, they first look at a product’s image and make decisions based on that. That alone makes product image photography an important part of marketing and setting up business profiles online. The Internet emphasizes the visual aspects of products and services, so it is essential to know how to take great product photos. Naturally, not everyone is an expert in photography and image editing, nor has enough money or time to ask for professional services. Regardless, you can read further to introduce yourself to amazing AI image editing products such as VanceAI that can automatically make your eCommerce photos professional and ready to use. The online shopping images that you get from these apps will enhance your business noticeably.

Part 1: Why Product Photos are important for E-commerce

While statistics can change a bit every day, around 1.6 billion people are said to engage in online shopping, which is an enormous number that no business or brand can ignore. The online market is a powerful platform for it is easy to access and can take your products to a whole new level. 

For that to happen, you need to first pay attention to your e-commerce product images and make sure that they are high quality. Images that are high quality and attractive naturally garner more positive attention from users and they make you much more credible than any amount of texts or summaries. Users respond really well to images to speak to them or appeal to them. 

These images can be high definition images that showcase every aspect of a product impeccably or they could be aesthetically shot with a story to tell. Either way, high quality and clarity is usually the way to go.  Product photos that are clear and easy on the eyes also make it more likely for users to engage with them. The engagement can be anything from clicking on the image to reading the entire copy that is accompanying the image. Overall, if you know how to take good pictures of products to sell online, you can advance your business a lot faster. 

Part 2: What AI can do to help take great product photos?

Of course, great product shooting can help a lot but costs. Post-editing is thus an ideal solution for those who have little budgets for photo shooting. With earlier image editing apps, users were expected to know how to navigate through complex software applications and be able to create their own desired images. However, that often required an expert to enhance the images for them or spend time themselves. 

AI changes everything as it can automate and simplify a lot of the process of making great product photos. With AI based applications, especially the ones online like VanceAI, you don’t have to download or learning anything but get as great results as from software or services with only one click. For example, you can make use of BGremover from VanceAI to remove the background of a product image and swap it with something else in order to offer users a different perspective on the product.  

a girl with hair band in a different background

The image that you see above has been processed by BGremover from VanceAI and it not only removes the background cleanly, it also offers additional editing options such as replacing the empty background with another color background or a scenic one. With such options, you can bring a new perspective to your product photos or simply use the object in any other image. Basically, you now have many other options to make your own product photo with ease. Similarly, you can make use of different tools like VanceAI Image Upscaler,  etc to improve your images.

Part 3: How to take good pictures of products to sell online with AI?

You can make your product image photography much smoother by following these steps about using VanceAI tools like BGremover and VanceAI Image Upscaler. 

How to use BGremover:

1. Use the link given to access the AI Background Remover tool online. From there, you will need to use the Upload Image option to proceed ahead. The rest of the page includes more info about the tool. 

AI Background Remover tool online

2. Here in the BGremover Workspace, you can make use of the upload button to upload an image or drop an image there directly. After the image has uploaded, you can choose settings on the right and click on Start to Process once done. 

BGremover Workspace
  1. After a few seconds, you will find your image under the Processed tab. Click on the Preview icon to view the comparison images and use the Download Image button to save the image. 
a girl with hair band in transparent background

How to use VanceAI Image Upscaler:

  1. Click on the link and access VanceAI Image Upscaler online. Next, go to Upload Image to move ahead. 
VanceAI Image Upscaler
  1.  Or you may directly go to VanceAI Enlarger Workspace where you can upload images, change between VanceAI tools, select preferences, and more. Upload an image, choose your settings on the right, and click on Start to Process. 
VanceAI Image Enlarger Workspace

3. Go to the Processed tab, click on the Preview icon, and use the Download Image option to save the image. 

a girl with hair band in a clearer background

Part 4: About VanceAI

VanceAI is one of the best online AI based photo editing and quality enhancement applications that you can use for improving your product photos for your ecommerce website, company, brand, and more. VanceAI makes excellent use of AI and Machine Learning algorithms to make its tools automatic and effective, hence removing the need for users to be well-versed with image editing and similar. While there are many AI based online applications, they tend to focus on a few tools only, such as image enlargement, sharpening images, and removing objects from the background. 

When it comes to VanceAI, however, you can utilize a lot more options. This online AI based application can offer you features that can colorize black and white images, convert any normal image to its anime or cartoon alternative, enhance portraits and edit them, and more. You can use such apps to get creative with your product photos and portraits. Not to mention that using VanceAI is free for a certain amount of uses and even when it comes to payments, the subscriptions can be as low as $4.99 per month, making it really affordable. Using VanceAI tools involves nearly identical steps, including tools like VanceAI Image Enhancer, and more.


Product photos are extremely important for your online business endeavors since the images are what most people see first. These images, if effective, will encourage further action from the users and that may end up as a sale or anything you have planned. With such a large proportion of the population online, it is one of the most important things to make use of professional apps such as VanceAI to upgrade your product photos or any high quality software for that matter. Nearly 70% of the shoppers online consider good product images to be the most important aspect in sales. Thus, professionals should keep this in mind and make the best possible product photos for their platforms. 

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