Essentially every marketer wants to increase brand awareness and product sales. Unfortunately, in doing so, many companies try to target everyone, which isn’t a wise approach. Instead, narrowing down your focus to a specific audience help boost revenue and allow you to make the most of all the cash you spend. 

A winning outreach strategy and thorough market research help you lay a solid foundation here. With an adequate packaging solution like custom rigid boxes, you can elevate your business to the next level. An informing design can greatly help you appeal to a unique audience that you are trying to target. 

But how on earth can you pull this off? 

Start by applying these proven tips.  

Structure and Color 

Numerous studies have shown that vivid colors tend to draw people in more than other hues. That’s because human eyes are immediately pulled towards a bright design. Using cheerful colors is an excellent way to attract your ideal customers if you have a high-energy and exciting brand. If you consider using vivid colors in your product packages, be sure that it lures your ideal customers. Lively colors might be able to grasp someone’s attention — but it only happens when the colors are in line with your brand message.  

Mind you, packaging hues have a much more profound impact on customers than you might actually realize. For example, orange is a vibrant and joyous color, while green depicts nature and relaxation. You will be surprised to know that a whopping 85% of buyers purchase goods based on color. 

That said, this isn’t one of those decisions that should be taken lightly. As you weigh your options, you will spot that specific products tend to conduct specific color conventions. Whether you choose to stick with them entirely depends on the distinctiveness of your product and marketing approach. 

Also, take bespoke packaging structures into account. Unique packaging shapes demand attention and draw the eyes. If you are selling something chic or high-end, try considering a rigid book box — the purpose of this uniquely crafted packaging is to make the product stand out, say the custom packaging experts at The Legacy Printing. An unusual shape or packaging form can make your product stick among similar products that are vying for customers’ attention. 

Emulate Customer Value 

To craft a perfect package, you need to comprehend the major reasons why your ideal customers are drawn towards your products in the first place. What motivates them? 

A stellar packaging solution can provide a more profound knowledge of those critical values. For example, if your product line consists of skincare items, the use of minimalist design and recyclable packaging materials could allow you to connect with the audience on a deeper level. A minimal design is a perfect way to convey that your product is organic and pure. Remember, sustainability, purity, and conservation are the major values that encourage these buyers to purchase cosmetic items. 

On the other hand, tech products usually come in unique and sleek packages that position the brand as an innovator and help improve customer’s perception. If you are selling luxurious products, think about splurging on a substrate like velvet, silk, or leather to craft an indulgent experience that spellbinds the customer even before they buy the product. 

Count in Customer Lifestyle 

Learn about the habits of your ideal customers and find out if they mostly shop in stores or online? Are they more susceptible to peer influence, such as teenagers? A superb custom rigid boxes design will sway them to talk about their purchase on social platforms or create an unboxing video and post it on YouTube. 

Developing an understanding of your audience’s lifestyle will guide you regarding every packaging decision. For instance, if they prefer to shop in stores, invest in creating multi-sensory packaging that arouses their senses because it will immensely increase the probability of interacting with packaging before purchase. 

However, if you choose to target busy individuals who are always on the move, think about creating packaging that emphasizes durability and dependability. Why? Because these people long for efficiency, something that’s fast, easy, and safe to carry. But millennials may prefer something more minimalistic, portable, and small. If you are focusing on the older demographic, add larger prints and make them easy to open. 

Have the Desire to Adapt   

Refine your product boxes to meet your target customers’ needs. The ‘set it and forget it’ approach won’t work here. To offer the best customer experience, you need to relentlessly track customer behavior and get reliable feedback to contemplate how their needs adapt. 

Millennials have a wide majority compared to other generations. As a result, they have more purchasing capacity than before. Perhaps your target customers didn’t want a rigid book box set years ago, but now they may find it more apt and affordable. 

Changes happen over time too. For example, during the holiday season, people like to have traditional things. But when they head into spring, their focus shifts towards experimentation and renewal. 

Integration of seasonal and gift packaging allows you to go with the flow and make your customers feel that you are literally reading their minds!

Parting Thoughts 

According to the experts of The Legacy Printing, your product container is a marketing campaign in its own way. All the features one generally considers when designing their ads are pivotal. We all know how the visual angles play a central role here. 

Here the California-based custom packaging company has outlined some essential pointers that will aid you to create a powerful packaging solution: 

What packaging styles or forms do your target customers relate with? If your core audience prefers antiques over technical gadgets, it will be hard to improve your sales with a sleek and chic look. 

Which packaging styles are best when it comes to capturing an individual’s attention? 

What sort of info does your target audience require when making a purchase? Use your packaging to convey that info or fulfill their needs.  

Should you use images or text? It has been observed that most consumers are too lazy to read, so it’s best to use graphical images instead of too much text. It will register important information much faster than the text. With one glance, your prospective customers will be able to identify the essential functions of the product. It is better than those long paragraphs and unclear product descriptions on your packaging. 

With this in mind, now it’s your turn to shine by using these pointers to create mesmerizing packaging. 

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