In the digital marketing domain, SMS marketing often fails to get the attention it deserves. It is one of the simplest and most effective marketing strategies that every small business should utilize to promote its products and services. Basically, you send short and long text messages to your past, existing, and potential clients to keep them in the loop and updated about your services. If done right, SMS marketing can push your company towards success. This inexpensive strategy also keeps marketing costs low and your budget intact. Here are some useful tips to use SMS marketing and grow your business.

1. Recognize Your Users

Today, promoting powerful marketing campaigns has become a necessity to attract the right type of audience. Any form of campaign and promotional event will be unsuccessful if you fail to reach the right group of users. Ideally, your target audience is majorly responsible for your company’s growth as they are interested in buying your products or services. Consider your user group’s demographics, location, age, interests, profession, and hobbies to design the ideal customer avatar. Dedicate your entire attention, time, and efforts towards your ideal clients as they can effectively spread the word and promote your business to their loved ones.

2. Customize Your Texts

Long, boring text messages are outdated. You need fresh, engaging content in your text messages to compel your customers into reading the entire SMS. One way to do this is by customizing the texts and tailoring them to your customers’ needs. Start by writing an attention-grabbing subject line or headline. Continue with a story that the reader can connect to. This can be effectively implemented by deciphering your audience type. At times, adding promotional links or offering discounts can also grab their attention. Consider the season and mood of your target audience to customize the SMS accordingly.

3. Opt for Automated Services

Today, you can reach thousands of customers across the world within a few seconds with automated services. The system incorporates campaign history and other analytical features to measure your performance. Listen to the experienced marketers at Messente who suggest getting an automated service that sends critical notifications to the right clients based on their location. With this, you can reach hundreds of clients in one go. The probability of increasing your client list also rises by a great extent. Since automated service systems are also equipped with additional features like scheduling and CRM integration, you can further strengthen your marketing strategy.

4. Engage Your Clients

Client engagement is vital to promote your products and services. By keeping your clients engaged and informed, they become more attached to your brand. Instead of gathering more potential clients, this tactic suggests pleasing your existing customers for business growth. Whether it’s a simple SMS portraying your gratitude to your customers or a full-fledged promotional text message, your current clients will likely enjoy the attention. To further increase engagement, attach call-to-action buttons for your clients to respond to the texts. The key is to enhance interaction by asking them to send a reply or spread the word. 

5. Focus on Your Timing

Effective marketing requires you to get the timing right. The time at which you send promotional text messages matters a lot. Basically, inducing last-minute calls and impulses can trigger your customers’ senses and compel them to take action. For example, if you are promoting a new product launch event on a weekend, text your customers on the previous day to inform them about the last-minute entry opportunity. It is also necessary to study the active hours and send texts within that time frame. Note that you are playing on thin ice here. You must also give enough time to your customers to prepare themselves and take action.

6. Incorporate SMS Opt-in Buttons Across Various Platforms

The easiest way to encourage your customers to opt for your promotional text messages is by incorporating opt-in buttons on your website as well as social media platforms. Give your clients a chance to subscribe to your texting list by displaying them across all media. Add it to your newsletter, website, social media platforms, snail-mail, and even text messages. More importantly, opting in for the service should be easy and quick. Place the option such that it is immediately visible to your customers. Ask your employees to spread word-of-mouth recommendations as well.

Leveraging the strength and potential of SMS marketing can help your company reach its goals on time. As your company grows, you can hire experts to form your own SMS marketing team and strengthen your promotional strategies. Employees with dedicated skill sets like creative designers, retail experts, and financial analysts can help unravel the maximum potential of SMS marketing.