Teens today have a battery of academic tests they have to get through each year. Once they hit high school, college entrance exams, state benchmark tests, and other evaluation instruments may start to stress them out. Here are some ways you can help your teen cope with anxiety from tests.

Understanding Their Anxiety

Parents should start by trying to understand their child’s anxiety related to taking tests. Some children are natural perfectionists and get anxious worrying about doing well on tests. Children with anxiety disorders or ADHD are more likely to have anxiety about tests and other situations. Using ADHD medication over the counter may offer some relief.

Develop Effective Study Habits

One way you can help your teen right away is to give them tips for studying. Some children’s anxiety may stem from not understanding how to study for a big exam. Work with your child to show them an effective study routine that makes them feel prepared for any type of test.

Get Rest the Night Before

The night before a test, it’s essential for your teen to get their rest. A well-rested brain makes better decisions and uses critical thinking much more effectively. Encourage your child to have a regular sleep routine that gives them at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Eat Breakfast

Fueling your teen’s brain may also curb some of those anxious thoughts about a big test. Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast the morning of their test so they can feel more confident in their thought process and performance.

Practice Breathing Exercises

It’s also a good idea to help your child deal with anxious thoughts during the test. Deep breathing exercises may help alleviate some symptoms of anxiety throughout the test, such as a racing heartbeat, sweating, or feeling stressed out. Show your child ways to calm their body when they feel stressed with breathing exercises.

Try Over the Counter Support

Another option is to try natural anxiety meds to curb anxious thoughts and help calm your teen down when stressed. Anxiety support supplements could help give your child some extra support during a tough time.

Talk to a Counselor

Once at school, your child doesn’t have to deal with their anxiety on their own. Parents should reach out to the school’s guidance counselor or talk to their child’s teacher before a test to explain the situation. School guidance counselors have the tools and resources that can help teens manage anxiety about tests.

Consult the Pediatrician

The most important step for your child to overcome their test-taking anxiety is to consult your pediatrician. If you’re thinking about medication look up Brilla reviews and talk to your child’s doctor to make sure it’s the right solution. The pediatrician can provide other support to your teen to help them manage stress and heavy emotions.

Help your child get through stressful academic times with some of these suggestions. Not everyone is a great test taker, and many people have anxiety about high-stakes testing in school. Let your child know you are there for them and love them no matter what happens with their tests.

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