Laws are in place to create an orderly society and there are many fields of law; each a highly complex entity in its own right. Every person will, at some stage of their life, require legal services; buying real estate, getting divorced or setting up a business, are just a few examples. Regarding the different fields of law, here are some that you might require one day.

  • Real Estate Law – If you are planning on acquiring some real estate; you will need the services of a conveyancing lawyer; a legal expert that deals only with land and real estate issues. The lawyer checks that the property is not mortgaged and that the contract of sale is as it should be.
  • Civil Law – There are San Jose disability lawyers that represent claimants of SDDI and SSI, which is a specialised area of the law that involves American citizens claiming social security benefits from a special government fund.
  • Family Law – This type of lawyer handles divorces, separation, child support, child custody and adoption. Family matters can be very complex and when there is a conflict between the parties, legal representation is a must. When a couple decide to form a relationship, they often draw up a legally binding document that details asset division; should the relationship ever come to an end. The family lawyer draws up the document and presents it to a family court and once approved; the agreement cannot be changed by either party. If you want to draw up a Last Will & Testament, you would consult with a family lawyer.
  • Criminal Law – Of course, we all know about crime and the criminal lawyer must know all about a charged person’s rights and often is called out at unsocial hours to represent a person charged with a serious crime. Click here for tips on organising an office relocation.
  • Corporate Law – Another highly technical area of law, this expert would represent the corporation in any legal matter. Typical examples would be environmental damage scenarios; where the government or an NGO are seeking financial compensation, or working out a huge land acquisition. This type of lawyer would be on retainer or they might work exclusively for the corporation.
  • Immigration Law – Many people apply for a green card to live and work in the US; while many more apply for political asylum, which the US government does grant. You may already have a green card and wish to bring a family member into the country; in which case you should contact an immigration attorney.

Laws are obviously an essential aspect of all our lives and whenever you need legal advice or services; Google can help you find a law firm that specializes in the field you require. Whether you are buying your first home, setting up a business, or filing for divorce, there are top legal experts who are ready to assist you in any way they can.