Winter is nearly over, and it has been a tough time for your skin. The hours of central heating, followed by cold temperatures when you head outdoors can take a really heavy toll on your skin. If you’ve been diligent in protecting your face with barrier moisturizers against the icy blast then you will have done a good job. But with Spring mercifully just around the corner, it’s time to think about a fresh skin care approach. You’ll soon be free of the heat/chill factor, which can play such havoc with skin care. The sun is on its way! Soon you’ll be barefoot outside again, hanging baby clothes on the washing line and feeling the warm sunshine on your skin. The world will come to life again, and you can discard all those thick jumpers for another year.

Gently Scrub Away The Winter

The warmer weather means that indoor and outdoor temperatures are less extreme, and you should switch to a more lightweight moisturizer to take into account this. Begin the change of skin care regime with a really good exfoliating session, either with a microdermabrasion scrub or with an enzyme facial cream. Look for ones that contain alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acid. Those with sensitive skin should avoid facial scrubs, in order to avoid damaging the skin’s surface or causing irritation. After exfoliating make sure you finish with a nice soothing moisturizer. Avoid strong sunlight just after this process, perhaps confining it to an evening. This will allow your skin to recover and ‘heal’ overnight when the skin repairs itself most readily. Any form of abrasion to the skin will irritate it slightly, even with the mildest of exfoliation.

Protect Your Skin in Spring

The most important factor in your new season skin care regime is – you guessed it – sun cream. The greatest single element involved in premature skin aging is sunlight, so protect yourself from harmful rays by using a hat, sunglasses, and a very good sunscreen. It is highly recommended that you use a sun cream formulated specifically for the face. Whilst they are more expensive, they are far better than a general-purpose sunscreen and will prevent any outbreaks, which can occur with heavier lotions. Read reviews before you decide which one to use, and make sure you use it every day, even if the sun is not particularly strong. Even mild sunlight, filtered through clouds, will have a potentially damaging effect. Don’t forget to put sunblock on your neck, décolletage, and the backs of your hands. Many women forget that these areas show aging signs ahead of any other, and neglect them entirely. You will regret it if you don’t make a habit of using a general-purpose high protection factor in these areas.

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Hydration and Diet

Dehydration is one of the most damaging things that can happen to the skin. Make sure you keep yourself thoroughly hydrated during the warmer weather. Step up your fruit and salad intake, and try to put only pure products into your body. The more processed the food you eat, the less healthy your diet is. It is very simple. Think of all your ingredients in the form that is the closest to how they would occur in the natural world, and stick as close as you can to that form. Don’t buy flavored water, just enjoy pure, chilled spring water. Don’t buy cereal bars, make porridge from oats, or your own cereal bars from organic ingredients. The cleaner your food, the healthier your body. It makes sense.

Body Brushing

Wake your body up from its Winter mode by indulging in skin brushing. The skin is a major organ, with the capacity to excrete toxins from the body which might surprise you. Your skin can eliminate up to a pound of waste products in one single day. You need to help it along sometimes. Brushing the skin increases circulation and encourages lymph drainage, which in turn strengthens your immune system. It refreshes the skin and brings a healthy glow. There are plenty of videos that demonstrate the technique of body brushing – it is surprisingly simple. Consider incorporating it into your everyday skin care regime, and you will soon see the benefits.

Follow these simple beauty secrets tips and your skin will be in tip-top condition when summer arrives. When your skin is taken care of you can relax and get on with the important work of choosing your summer wardrobe.

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