Torrent sites have been under the radar of scrutiny from law enforcers since their development due to their publicizing of copyrighted materials like e-books, movies, web series, TV series. Users can download such materials online from torrent sites. In actuality, torrent sites are illegal because they allow unauthorized download of the copyrighted material. Accordingly, various popular torrent sites like pirate bay, kickass torrent, extra torrent, etc., have been blocked worldwide. Recently, several countries have also blocked the use of Yify movies and YTS. Yify movie sites, as indicated by surveys, are one of the leading, famous and free torrent sites for downloading movies.

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Today we bring you some best alternative places to yify torrent so that you can enjoy unlimited downloading of movies from torrents. These alternatives are recommended keeping the fact in mind that most of these sites are active in most countries and have a wide variety of torrent files to compensate for the range of YTS movies. You can use these sites for downloading movies when Yify or YTS website is down. Follow this content till the end to know all you need about Yify and YTS alternative sites.

List of 20 Best YIFY/YTS Proxy Sites 100% Working & Secure

S.N.YIFY/YTS Proxy SitesWebsite URL
6YIFY Torrent Proxy 
7YIFY Live   

Disclaimer: This content by no mean encourage the usage of torrent sites for illegal downloads of copyrighted materials (movies, games, TV series, Web series, software, etc.). This content is developed only for informational purposes and holds no responsibility towards any actions of the users of the mentioned sites or its creators.

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Top-6 Alternatives of YTS/YIFY Proxy Website

S.N.Websites NameWebsites URLMonthly Visitors
1The Pirate Bay 25 Million+
2Kickass Torrents 7 Million+
3Rarbg 57Million+
4Lime Torrents 17Million+
5Extratorrent 20.5Million+
6EZTV 42.26Million
  1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent websites for downloading movies. It has been trendy among the users because the pirate bay also provides a wide range of e-books, applications, games, web series, tv-series and audiobooks for download, thus extending its user base. Its original domain is-, but it is still blocked in some countries. Do not get tensed up if it is blocked in your area because the pirate bay site has numerous proxy sites that provide the same function for downloading using torrent.

  1. Kickass Torrents

The second alternative site to YTS or Yify movies on our list is kickass torrents, which has been popular among users since its emergence. It has faced legal controversies and issues previously but is back again, with a bang in 2023. The original Kickass torrents site was blocked in most countries some years ago; many proxy sites and mirror sites provide an opportunity to enter their database, browse through and download as per your wish. Thus there practically exists no hindrance to enjoying the complete package of Kickass torrents, even if it is blocked in your country. You can find the mirror sites’ domain names or addresses in plenty of websites that provide a complete list of such mirror sites by a simple browser search.

  1. Rarbg

Rarbg is one of the most commonly used torrent sites on the internet. Though users often complain about too many pop-ups and advertisements on the site, they still consider it one of the best torrent sites and, accordingly, a suitable alternative to YTS or Yify movies. When YTS or Yify movies are not working, you can smoothly go to Rarbg and enjoy uninterrupted services of the same quality. The site contains torrents with ubiquitous seeders, making the files easier to download. The site also features a collection of trailers of the movies to give you a hand about your choice of downloading the film, making it unique among the traditional torrent sites.

  1. Lime Torrents

Its users have recognized lime torrents as one of the best and most user-friendly torrent sites. It is also held in high regard as it has an extensive database and thus producing accurate results for almost every search. Therefore, Lime torrents can be another exciting option for you if YTS and Yify movies are blocked in your area or are for any reason not opening. This site contains an adequate number of seeders and leechers, hosting an excellent platform to rely upon. Also, the site gets updated regularly, keeping the list of movies and the users’ security up to date.

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  1. Extratorrent

Extratorrent topped among the list of popular torrent sites till it was brought down and banned in 2017 like many other torrent sites. Since then, it has gone through a series of legal actions and official enforcements but has still managed to stay on the list of torrent sites through proxy or mirror sites. Thus, if the original extratorrent site is unavailable in your locality, you may choose to use some of its proxy or mirror varieties, which in the end yields the same results. By offering the users an extensive list of torrent files, extratorrent can step up to be your number one torrent site in case YTS or Yify torrent site is not loading.

  1. EZTV

EZTV has been one of the well-known torrent sites for over a decade now. First established in 2005, EZTV lead a full life before being taken down in 2015. In 2015, its servers were included under the control of EZcloud Ltd. It has resurfaced as a popular torrent site once again after its re-establishment. Holding lots of torrent files, EZTV can be a worthy choice for users to download their required files. The only downside that EZTV users have complained about over the years is its excessive proneness towards advertisements. But that is not a valid problem for many users, as getting most of the movies for free is all one can wish for, and that is what EZTV provides best.


With all you need to know about different torrent sites, there you go, in case YTS or YIFy movie sites are not working in your region. We have seen that a lot of sites have re-emerged in recent times, answering the urge of the users who want to download movies for free without much trouble. Also, we have seen that many of the original torrent sites, though they are blocked, can be easily accessed through the proxy or mirror sites they provide. The same goes for YTS and Yify movies. In case you are facing difficulties in reaching the aforementioned sites, make sure you watch for some alternative proxy or mirror sites of it before turning to its alternative websites. Happy watching!!