Let’s be real, the YouTuber life is pretty awesome. You can make money by making videos about your life that people actually want to watch.

At least, that’s what it looks like on the outside, right? The truth is that having a popular YouTube account takes a ton of hard work. A lot of people try it and quit because their videos don’t perform well. In reality, they just don’t know how to make a good YouTube video.

In this guide, we’re breaking down the top 8 YouTube video tips and tricks so that you can create better videos. When you implement these tips, your videos will reach more people and get you closer to YouTube stardom. Let’s dive in. 

1. Use Keyword Search

Your audience isn’t going to find you randomly. They’ll find you when your video pops up for something they searched for on YouTube. That means that you need to create videos around popular search terms.

For example, if you create content around needlepoint sewing, you need to know what people are asking about it. You might discover that crafters want to know how to needlepoint with multi-colored threads.

Once you find the most popular questions and search terms, you can plan your content around them. The more you cater to what people already want to know about, the faster they will find your channel.

Plus, using keywords is a great way to get new YouTube video ideas. Follow this guide to learn more about how to use a keyword search for YouTube videos.  

2. Create the Most Relevant Content

Another way to decide what to make your videos about is to check out your competition. Once you narrow down a couple of keywords you want to use for your video topics, search for them yourself and see what else is out there.

The most important thing to look at is the date of the most popular video for this search term. YouTube favors new and fresh content, so if you search, “how to repair a broken toilet” and the most popular video is a year old, your video will rank well for this keyword.

On the flip side, if your search terms have tons of recent videos, the competition will be stiffer. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make your video, but you need to be aware that it will be harder to get it to the top of the results.  

3. Offer Valuable Content

It might seem like you need a bunch of expensive camera equipment to make the best YouTube videos, but the truth is that making high-quality content is much more important. It doesn’t matter how good your video looks if it’s not providing value to someone.

Don’t just jump on a hot topic if you don’t know anything about it. Make sure you are sharing your specific knowledge and skills with the world. If the content is good, your audience will find you. 

4. Don’t Use Free Stock Music

YouTube stock music might be free, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth it. First of all, it takes hours to sift through the bad options to find one that will work for your videos. 

Secondly, YouTube stock music is boring and reeks of amateur talent. Learn about better alternatives to free stock music.

5. Write a Script Before You Film

It’s tempting to cut corners and “wing it” when you film your videos instead of writing a script. This method will honestly just waste your time because your videos will take so much longer to record.

You don’t have to write a word-for-word script for every video, but you should at least spend time planning an outline before you start recording. Leave room for spontaneity, but don’t just go off the cuff.  

Taking your videos seriously will cause your audience to take you seriously, which makes them stick around for more.

6. Work on Your Branding

These days, people forget to actually subscribe to YouTube channels that they like, so when they want to watch more videos from someone, they have to search for them again. Having consistent and eye-catching branding will help people remember and rediscover you.

Make sure your profile and banner pictures are clear and cohesive. If you use an intro or outro, make sure it’s the same across all of your borders.

High-quality and consistent branding is an important part of YouTube video marketing. Essentially, you need to think of ways to stick in people’s minds so that it’s easy for them to find you again. 

7. Write a Memorable Title

Before someone clicks on your video, the first thing they see is your title and thumbnail image. We’ll get to the thumbnail image next, but let’s go over tips for writing titles that make people want to watch your videos. 

First, use keywords in your titles. Make sure your title is clear and tells viewers exactly what they will get out of watching your video. Vagueness will scare off potential subscribers, and no one likes clickbait. How titles always catch people’s attention and perform well. 

8. Create an Eye-Catching Thumbnail Image

The thumbnail image is even more important than the title. If you just use a still image from your video, no one will click on it. You need to take a high-quality photo for your thumbnail image and edit your title text on top of it. 

Doing it this way takes extra time, but it will pay off. Everyone decides which video to watch based on the thumbnail, so you need to make sure yours stands out. 

YouTube Video Tips That Work

If you implement all of these YouTube video tips, your views will start to climb. Remember that it takes time to build the following you want.

Most people quit YouTube before they have any real momentum. If you stick with it and take it seriously, your channel will be a huge success.

For more YouTube tips for beginners, check out our other blogs.  

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