Finding the correct gaming equipment is very important. Before you invest in new gaming gear, you should check out gaming equipment reviews online on reputable websites like Game Gear Lab.

High-resolution monitors, a Bluetooth controller, a quality gaming headset, an ergonomic gaming mouse and a full-sized backlit keyboard are all-important gaming accessories that can drastically improve your game play. Despite the sometimes-overwhelming list of purchases to be made, a quality gaming chair tops the list. 

It is crucial to invest in a chair that not only provides comfort but one that will prevent any chronic pain that may sneak up on you over time simply from enjoying a favorite hobby. With gaming becoming more immersive, the amount of time spent sitting for long stretches is only increasing. While this isn’t the healthiest, having the right chair can alleviate some of the negative effects sitting for those long periods of time can cause. 


So, what exactly makes for a good gaming chair? Ergonomics can help us answer that. Ergonomics is the method of creating products for consumers with their physiological and psychological wellbeing in mind. Essentially, this means, creating products that not only work as efficiently as possible but as easily and safely as possible. 

So, in the world of gaming chairs, this means creating chairs with adjustable armrests, lumbar support pads, and headrests in order to relieve pressure. 

Lumbar support pillows sit along the small of the back, maintaining the natural curve of one’s spine. This in turn promotes better posture, and preserving good posture is a vital key in avoiding long-term chronic pain. All of these features: adjustable seats, lumbar support cushions, backrests, and headrests all work in conjunction to hold the body upright against gravity, in turn preserving more energy for those all-night gaming sessions. 


While comfort is key, it isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing the right gaming chair. What material you choose can help determine the quality of a chair. 

There are a few different types of materials gaming chairs are made of, each with its own set of pros and cons.


This type of faux leather is what is left behind when the rawhide used in real leather is stripped away. It is a synthetic made up of split leather and a polyurethane coating (hence the “PU”). 

Many gaming chairs are made from this material due to its affordability over genuine leather, yet close imitation to the real thing. It is known to be more durable and breathable than PVC leather (which we will talk about next) and overall it is easy to clean, which is a benefit for those gamers who like to enjoy a few midnight snacks while gaming.

 The biggest con to PU leather is that it is not very breathable, so for gamers who need that cooling effect, PU leather is not for you. Another downside to PU leather is that over time this material tends to crack and peel so it is not a great long-term option. 


When vinyl is chemically altered and then combined with fillers to change the look, feel, shape, color or effects we get PVC leather. This type of material for gaming chairs is softer and more flexible due to the additives used. 

It is a great choice for gamers who are on a budget, as it is more affordable than PU leather and more accessible. In addition, it is water, fire and stain resistant – in the event any of these three do happen (let’s hope your equipment doesn’t burst into flames) it makes for easy clean up. 

The major drawback of PVC leather however is its less than ideal breathability in comparison to other materials. 


Fabric chairs are commonly seen in office settings but are a great option for gaming rooms as well. The biggest advantage when it comes to fabric chairs is by far the superior breathability. Fabric chairs retain less heat so if you live in a warmer climate, or are a sweaty gamer, this may be the chair for you. In addition, fabric chairs are softer and budget friendly. 

Yet, like all other materials, it has it’s drawbacks such as the fact that fabric chairs tend to trap stains, meaning more maintenance is needed to make it last. 


Out of all the gaming chair materials we have covered so far, the most breathable is by far mesh. Its holes allow for air to pass through giving the player a cooling effect. In addition, mesh chairs are known to be all around more comfortable than other types of materials. 

With those highly beneficial cooling passageways comes the biggest downside: cleaning. The small crevices make cleaning quite difficult, oftentimes requiring a specialized cleaner for removing stains. 

So, after knowing what we know now, which do you choose? There is no one size fits all gaming chair and knowing what your top priorities are will make a big difference. If you are someone with chronic pain already, finding a high quality, ergonomic PU leather chair may break the bank at first, but will save you lots of pain in the long run. If you are a gamer living in a warmer climate, a mesh or fabric chair may be the best option. Finding a chair that can incorporate healthy posture, while keeping you cool and comfortable will give you less annoyances to worry about, and more energy to focus on what really matters: the game.