Employee training is an indispensable need of any organization. If your employees don’t feel they are growing, it can get difficult to retain them. 

But employee training is easier said than done. There are countless challenges that L&D professionals face to make employee training effective. From handling a remote workforce to managing the distractions, it is quite tricky to ensure a high employee engagement rate for the training sessions. 

But worry not. We have identified a few challenges that are faced by L&D professionals and managed to come up with possible solutions for each. Find them below. 

Not making your training more interesting

While organizations have come far in adopting e-learning, many companies still have a long way to go in opting for a learning model that will be more engaging and attractive.  

The training sessions are often too dull for employees to attend. If they don’t feel your sessions are engaging enough, they will not show any interest in being a part of it. 

As a result, the training programs neither bring any desirable results nor do they have high completion rates. 

The best solution to tackle such a challenge is getting customizable learning systems on board. It is now time to move on from the one-size-fits-all solutions. 

You can customize your training programs and make your training sessions more engaging. There are several tools like SAP Litmos that offer gamification features. You can use leaderboards or badges to make your training more exciting while nurturing the competitive side of your employees. 

This not only brings higher engagement rates but also allows your employees to actually work towards their growth.  

Not aligning training to employee’s field of work

When the training circles everything but the role of the employee in your organization, they will get distracted. And there is no dearth of distractions around them. 

If you don’t provide a learning experience that will help them grow in their field of work, they will not see any point in being a part of the program. This is a challenge that several companies face, especially those that only provide a generic program to the employees. 

In fact, even the most interactive training is inefficient if it is unable to deliver real-time solutions based on the job.

To mitigate this attention gap, you must align your training material with the job of the employee. 

When learners see the value in what they are learning and have the opportunity to test their newly attained skills and apply them to their job, they become more intuitive and attentive. 

Inability to engage remote workers in training sessions

Ever since remote working has been a work arrangement that several organizations have adopted, it has become a challenge for the L&D professionals to keep the workforce engaged. 

Moreover, remote working has led to organizations hiring employees from different corners of the world. With more diversity comes more time differences. Bringing them all together in real-time for a training session is next to impossible. 

So, how can organizations overcome this issue? By offering flexibility to employees. 

Today you have the privilege to get a digital system onboard that allows you to deploy training sessions to employees anywhere in the world. With the use of these tools, you can easily allow your workforce to complete their training at their own pace. 

This method not only allows your employees to learn better but also ensures you are not disrupting their workday. 

You can analyze the results to identify areas of improvement to facilitate employee growth. 


There are several challenges that L&D professionals have had to face. From remote working to lower completion rates, the plates of these professionals have always been full when it comes to employee training. But thanks to the introduction of several digital tools, tackling these challenges has been simplified. 

You can now ensure your employees get a program tailored to the needs that truly help them grow in their careers. Moreover, these tools also help make the training more engaging and fun that brings in a better engagement rate. 

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