January has come, and so is the time to start doing all the assignments in tandem. This is because all universities and schools start to reopen, and teachers will start giving instructions. Therefore, to note everything down, you will need a notebook for journaling needs. 

Also, if you are a science student, keeping a notebook is more important, as you need to record and display the assignment to the teacher. Hence, the question arises: how do you choose the perfect notebook? We visit stores every day and see notebooks hanging in a place, yet we buy them anyway. 

Sometimes, they turn out to be good, and other times, they can turn out to be horrible. Consequently, to avoid the probability of good and bad, we will guide you in choosing the right notebook for you. Kindly shift your attention to the next part – 

Guide To Choose The Perfect Notebook For Journal Bulleting Purpose 

As discussed earlier, choosing a good notebook is a matter of probability. You never know what will happen to your journal bulleting. This happens when you don’t know the science behind it. 

Therefore, you need expert help, i.e., we will guide you in choosing the perfect notebook for your bulletin purpose. Here are a few steps you need to follow for quality bullet journals – 

Step 1: The Budget 

The fundamental aspect of choosing a notebook is understanding the amount you want to spend on it. It is a deciding factor for getting the best quality paper where you can store all your information properly. Therefore, before you get to the market, you must decide on the price range you are willing to spend. 

Mostly, the budget ranges from 7 to 10 USD. Buying the best notebook to store all notes and relevant subjective information is perfect. So, keep the quality close and the money closer. 

Step 2: Number Of Pages 

Another thing where you need to wrap your head around is the number of pages you want in a notebook. It can range from 100 to 300 pages, anything you like. It is better to buy a large volume, as it will get a better value for the money. Also, you can use it for a long period. 

Moreover, before you buy the notebook, you need to decide if you want it for the long run or if you are happy with nothing certain things or two. This will eventually help you to choose the notebook you need for the semester or two. Consequently, it will affect the budget you want to spend on the notebook. 

Step 3: Paper Size And Weight

One of the things that you need to understand is the paper size. This means do you want an A4 size paper or A5 size paper for your notebook? People nowadays prefer A5-sized paper, as it is a very popular one and you can spend more time on it. Therefore, it is a win-win deal. 

Besides the size, there is paper weight or GSM, which showcases the thickness of the page. It is necessary to understand the type of thickness you want because you want the page to tear while noting things rapidly. Hence, you should gain knowledge on the GSM and then select your perfect notebook. 

Step 4: Brand Story 

The last important thing is the brand story. It is significant for the GenZ generation, as they care about how the paper is sourced and how it is manufactured. Hence, you will see that notebook brands are putting out stories on how they do things. 

This allows them to get hold of customers and sell more notebooks to them. Therefore, if you are a good brand, then you can make a good brand story. 

The Bottom Line 

In the end, we can say that if you want a perfect notebook for your bullet journal, then you can follow the steps. They will guide you in choosing the best notebook and storing all the necessary information in it.