High school graduates struggle with the university selection process because students lack an appropriate criterion to identify the universities that they will apply to in the hope of admission. In this state of uncertainty, highly impressionable students may apply to universities based on their rankings, with top universities presented as ideal choices. Students should not choose universities based on their rankings because student performance is influenced to a larger extent by students’ decisions to consult external sources than university rankings.

The Myth of Attending Top Universities

Securing a position in the ‘top’ universities does little in assuring students that they will complete their college education with good grades. Undeniably, some students who attend classes at top universities achieve poor grades or fail courses. Similarly, some students in low-rank universities attain poor grades and fail courses. The ranking of a university does not provide any safeguards against poor student performance. The notion that there are top universities is weakly founded because students may fail despite attending highly-ranked universities.

Consensus on the Value of Writing Centers

Regardless of the ranking of a university, all universities are somewhat identical because they have internal writing centers. In drafting the responses to the essay prompts, the professors advise students to seek assistance with aspects of the writing process that they may find to be challenging. The quality of an essay response is equally dependent on the strength of the arguments and the clarity of communicating the arguments. Instructors encourage students to visit in-house writing centers to improve the likelihood of attaining high grades.

The Flaw of In-House Tutoring

Although most institutions have an in-house tutoring center, they lack the capacity to provide students with personalized writing services, given the population of contemporary learning institutions. Learning institutions have many students who make appointments to receive assistance from on-campus tutors. Inhouse tutoring centers are overwhelmed with student requests as submission deadlines draw closer. As a result, students do not get adequate consultation time with tutors, which leaves students to complete essays with limited support.

An Ideal Solution

Students should seek out the assistance of external writing centers to ensure that they get good grades despite the shortcomings of on-campus writing centers. A legit writing service can provide students with comparable if not superior, guidance for completing essay assignments. Professional tutoring centers offer students dedicated support throughout the writing process, with students enjoying the flexibility of scheduling appointments with no limitations. Students should turn to external tutoring centers to receive customized services.

Planning for Success

Admission into a top university does not translate into good grades unless the students decide to utilize external professional tutoring centers to compensate for the flaws of in-house tutoring centers. Students should realize that their university success depends on their willingness to employ tutoring services because university rankings cannot be a reliable signal for high performance and completion rates. Selecting good external writing centers will ensure that students achieve high grades across all coursework regardless of the university’s ranking.