Whether you want to share moments with your loved ones, look for recreational activities near you, or just want to enjoy your time while scrolling through videos, Facebook is a popular social media platform used by the masses. There are a lot of options provided that can be tweaked up for an amazing personalized experience. We have short-listed 6 useful hacks that will let you tweak up options, give you full control, and surely improve the user experience by many folds. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Checking Your Inbox

If you are a Facebook user for some time, there is a possibility that you might have a lot of unread messages that you don’t know about. Conversations and messages are usually carried out through the messenger app provided by Facebook where you can easily interact with friends by sending voice notes, contacting through voice or video calls, and send texts with ease. Besides the friend list visible in your messenger app, there is an option called message requests that has messages sent from people that are not on your friend list. These message requests can be from old friends, family, online scammers, or even fake accounts.

To access the message requests option, open your messenger app and select the three-dot ellipsis menu. You will see an option for message requests, click on it to see the messages that have been waiting there for your replies. 

Download Videos

Facebook has a that denies a user to download videos directly from the platform. However, there are ways you can easily use to download videos from a page, friend’s wall, or from your uploads without any hassle. There are several third-party software available that can be used to download videos, allowing you to create a backup, watch them offline, and even convert the desired videos into other formats. Leading software developers that have made downloading from Facebook a pretty easy task emphasizes that it’s the responsibility of the user to use the platform ethically without invading someone else’s privacy and avoid downloading copyright video content. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a Facebook video downloader. Still, the best way to pick is through research and getting recommendations for reliable and secure software. Picking the right one is necessary as there are some video downloading platforms with poor security which can be easily compromised amid an online attack.  

Save Posts

Facebook uses sophisticated tech and advanced algorithms that make it impossible to see a random post or video to be repeated while scrolling. In scenarios like these where you want to save a video or an informative article, Facebook gives you the option to kind of bookmark the link so that you could access the content whenever you want. To save a post or a video, simply hover over the top right corner and tap the ellipsis button. A drop-down menu will appear that has options to save the related content. A dedicated watch later option is also available for videos that you might want to see another time. 

Get a Personal Copy

Facebook allows its users to get a personal copy of virtually everything that has been shared on their profile. This includes wall posts, pictures, videos, chats, mentions, and conversations. To get a copy, open your account settings and search for the option called ‘download your information. Clicking this option will take you to another pop-up window where you will be given the option to download a full copy or download information from specific places like group posts or your stories. It’s up to you to choose the type of content you want as a copy for yourself. It might take a bit of time to compile the requested data. Once a copy is ready to download, you will be notified through the app or via email. 

Fancy Text

To keep an engaging user experience, Facebook frequently includes text-based visualizations that give words their true feeling. Several Facebook text delights can be used to express your feelings with your loved ones. Try writing you are the best and watch stars flying all over the screen or write ‘you can do it for a cool visualization. 

Besides being a platform that connects people with their family and friends, the massive user base also allows you to turn your Facebook account to represent your business. There are a lot of other hacks, tips, and tricks like these that you might want to follow like the ones mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg, Lastly, remember that this huge social media platform should always be used responsibly that will help you in managing your business and social life through a single platform. 

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