Facebook is the most popular social media account. However, what happens when an account gets suspended? A suspended Facebook account can bring a lot of trouble. Indeed, if you have been there and faced that, you might know how serious the problem is. There are many reasons why someone’s suspended Facebook account happens. 

Predominantly, Facebook has tightened its security, and any accounts breaching its security policy are subject to account suspension.

While its difficult to analyze what can be the exact reason for the suspension of a Facebook account, there are ways to recover it. In this article get to know how you can recover a suspended Facebook account in 5 simple steps.

How to Recover Suspended Account in 5 Steps

Here are five simple steps through which your suspended Facebook account can be recovered easily. Follow the steps and recover your account hassle-free!

Step 1: identity verification

This step is important when your Facebook account disabled or temporarily suspended. The user needs to enter a phone number, birth date, and profile picture. These are essential for proving that you are a real account holder. For verification, you might have to also upload government documents, medical records or utility bills. 

Step 2: filing an appeal

If identity verification does not work, then worry not. Filing a Facebook suspension appeal is the next arrow in the armor that can save your day. If your account was mistakenly disabled or suspended by Facebook then reach out on the Facebook help center and fill the form. The Facebook help page has all the information that you need for recovering suspended Facebook accounts and more.

Step 3: Friends photo verification

Facebook conducts a photo security check to make sure that no one else than the account holder. In this security check, you are shown certain images from your uploads and will be asked to identify those images. Proper identification of these images leads to easy access to your account. However, if someone is not able to pass the identity check in the first go, worry not! You are given the next attempt to try.

Step 4: Facebook security questions:

Facebook offers its account holders the facility to create and answer security questions. Hence whenever you lose your account you can get the account back through security questions.

Step 5: Trusted Contacts

Many times people forget answers they fed as answers for their security questions. In such cases, you can ask for help from trusted contacts. However, to use this option, one needs to set trusted contacts for Facebook accounts before getting locked out. To get back Facebook suspension simply contact trusted contacts and provide a recovery code. That’s it and you are good to go!


Facebook’s tight security system has made fake accounts or accounts breach Facebook policies subject to suspension. There can be many reasons for such an event. However, it is possible to recover suspense Facebook accounts. Follow the above guide on recovering temporarily suspended accounts and enjoy the benefits of Facebook.

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