Social media has grown from just being a place of fun and having a nice time with friends to platforms of influence and recognition. The world is growing at a very fast pace. Businesses, organizations, and even individuals are now maximizing the various social media platforms to foster their network and expand their business horizons. However, due to the flood of content posted daily on the different platforms, the competition to be seen and recognized is very high.  That makes it essential to know how to improve your social media presence to boost your business.

Are you disturbed by the low activity on your social media handles? You do not need to worry anymore. Here are some amazing tips that will boost your social media presence above your expectations. These tips have been applied by many and proven to be successful with outstanding results. Now, let’s explore them one after the other.

Have a specific time to post

A careful study of each social media you operate on can show you the specific time your audiences are more engaged. Your understanding of this time can help boost your presence. You can choose this particular range of time to post your content. Analyzing your statistics will tremendously help improve your followers’ engagement, as your followers are more engaged at this time.

Use the right tools

I have mentioned a few tools in the tips above, but I will love to emphasize the importance of using the right tools adapted for each platform. Social media promotion and marketing tools also help tremendously. A few tools you can use to boost your social media presence are Biteable, Buffer, Buzzsumo, Missinglttr, MeetEdgar, and more. You can research these tools to know what they do and how they operate. They are great tools that can help foster your follower’s engagement.

Be creative

Creativity can never be overemphasized. There are too many people doing the same thing, the same way, and even with the same content on social media platforms. People are getting tired of this. Everyone is searching for ‘the new thing’; definitely, doing the same thing in the old way might be dangerous! Your audience will keep reducing.

Create your style and regularly spice up your content. Being identified for a unique style and constant surprises will keep your audience glued to your social media pages because they regularly want something new, and they are confident of your ability to deliver. Know your audience and maintain a flow of interaction with them.

Keep promoting your social media accounts

You have two basic ways to do this. You can either promote your social media accounts naturally, which is also known as organic growth: by informing others about what you do on your accounts, sharing links, and the likes. However, this may bring about slow growth to your pages. If this does not really work for you, you can employ the services of credible sites dedicated to social media services. As evident at, you can easily buy followers, likes, and more. There are tools that are committed to helping your social media accounts grow, improve your presence, and expand your jurisdiction of influence quickly. 

Be flexible

While still maintaining your uniqueness and style, analyzing and adapting to your audience’s request is necessary. It could be your client’s suggestion, questions from your viewers and readers, a demand to discuss a trending event, whatever they may be, considering these requests will improve your social media influence. Social media platforms are primarily for building social relationships and networks; this can only be built on regular interactions. In a nutshell, if you aren’t interacting with your audience through your content, you might find it difficult to expand your social media influence.

However, this should only be considered occasionally and not always. Nevertheless, avoid being rigid. Be flexible to incorporate suggestions, trends, and topics into your content. They are all factors that help retain your audience and captivate new ones.

Social media success is not measured by the flood of posts you create a day but by maintaining a regular schedule that your audience might easily get used to.  As I have pointed out to you, be regularly active; your followers are only following your activity. When you become unstable and have nothing to keep them going, they slowly drift away. Be consistent; endeavor to post at regular intervals. If you know that you can stick to a daily routine, then do so. If yours is weekly, let your audience know you for that. And if you are not good at keeping schedules, I have dealt with this point upfront. Make use of the tools available to boost your presence online.