Garena Free Fire is a well-known FPS gaming app for multiple platforms. It is offering some amazing features and gameplay for the players. That is one of the reasons for which this game is famous. Especially the Free Fire Skins are more famous than anything else in the game. 

There are multiple reasons for which these skins are quite famous and players love them. In this article, you will not only learn why these are famous, but also you will learn how to unlock them for free. I will share some amazing tools for that and Nicoo Free Fire is one of them.

I am sure you might have heard about the tool, but don’t worry there are some other options as well. If you are interested to know why these are popular among the players, then you must stay with us. In the end, you will also come to know whether free tools are safe or not. 

What Garena Free Fire Skins Are Famous?

Well, the game itself is famous not only for the skins but also for the gameplay, realistic graphics, and integrative gameplay. This is an open-world game where there are millions of players from all over the world who participate by using different kinds of servers on the app. 

However, within the gaming app, there are certain items that are more famous among users. I am actually talking about the skins that are really interesting and attractive. Although you will find PUBG Mobile more interesting, FF gives some unique and attractive costumes that give an edge. 

Therefore, these items are loved all over the world by fans. Basically, some of these items are free and some of them are premium. Even you get them for free on different events such as national, international, or local. But it depends on the team of FF.

Screenshot of Free Fire Game Skins

If that special event is considered all over the world or by the team, then they will definitely celebrate that event with the fans. So, on that special day, they offer various kinds of items not only skins. These are basically paid but they offer them for free on those days. 

However, they also create special items for special occasions and they get expired sometimes. Basically, these skins are costumes that you can apply to your characters. But you will find some stickers or images on your vehicles, parachutes, weapons, GlooWall, and many more. 

So, everyone wants to have the premium look for their vehicles or other items in the game. That is the main reason why fans love skins in the Garena Free Fire. These can be unlocked either for free or through free tools. They actually inject the skins into the game. 

How to Unlock FF Skins for Free?

Although there are certain tools that you can use to unlock these skins, however, those cannot be considered safe or legal at all.  Therefore, I usually do not recommend such apps or tools for the fans. However, there are a few sources that are legal and safe. 

But these safe and legal sources are either event-based or lucky draws. But again to participate in the lucky draws within the game, you need to have a premium account. Further, you get a limited number of events in a year, and takes so much time. 

Therefore, it is quite time-consuming and no one wants to wait for that much longer. However, there are some options that you can try to inject different kinds of skin bundles into the game. But these can be risky and not safe at all. Therefore, not recommended for the users.

If you are using an official account or have some paid items and have different achievements on them, then you must not use these apps. Because you might lose your account as punishment from the team of the game. Therefore, you must use either a guest account or a fake one. 


Nicoo Free Fire is a tool that you can use to unlock some of your favorite skins in the game. This is a simple and easy application that you can only use on Android mobile phones. It is not available for iOS, Windows, Xbox, and many more. 

It is simple to use, but you need to install it on the same device where you are playing the game. It uses the setup files of the game to inject the skins into the game. Then you can simply launch the game and enable them.

SF Free Fire Tool

SF Free Fire Tools is another tool or app that is designed for Android mobile phones. You can have some amazing and interesting skin bundles in the tool. It is developed by a fan Shadow SF who added his own custom skins for the fans. 

So, you can consider it as a semi-legal tool that is offering its own skins for the fans. There are some skins that are built-in by the team. But this application allows you to inject the skins for GlooWall, Parachutes, Weapons, vehicles, and characters that are owned by the Shadow SF.


I have already mentioned whether these sources are safe and legal or not. So, I hope you have enjoyed the article and learned what Garena Free Fire Skins are famous for and how you can unlock them for free. However, this article is only for entertainment and educational purposes so don’t try these tools.

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