Software as a service (SaaS) is a new software model that changes the dynamics of software purchase and utilization. Many software developers are finding SaaS a better way to do business. This is because you don’t need to develop numerous software of the exact nature for your clients. On the contrary, you can leverage the cloud to host your software and offer your clients access rights.  

However, garnering a steady pool of customers as a SaaS company isn’t simple. As a result, you may need a robust strategy that helps you reach out to as many potential clients as possible. And one of the most effective ways is employing search engine optimization (SEO). If you lack expertise in SEO marketing, you can work with a reputable SEO agency such as Amplifyed or any other within your reach.  

To know how you can level up your SaaS business using SEO, here are proven ways for you: 

1. Implement Keyword Research 

This strategy usually comes first when it comes to SEO marketing. SEO increases your chances of appearing on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). In addition, you must aim to rank at the top of the first page. If you’re new in the SaaS industry, you may need to do some market research to find relevant keywords. 

On the other hand, you may try brainstorming. You can also opt for keyword research tools to enhance your keyword research strategy. The advantage of a keyword research tool is that it gives you more options, such as long-tail and short-tail keywords

In addition, keyword tools can provide related words that people use to search for SaaS products. You can also use a keyword tool for streamlined searches, such as for a city or a specific region. 

Furthermore, when selecting your keywords using a keyword tool, leverage keywords with high search volume and little competition.  

2. Leverage Blogging 

Blog content creation is supreme as it explains what your SaaS services offer to your target audience. It needs to be well thought out and researched, making it informative and educational. 

Content creation isn’t all that simple. It requires a good understanding of online marketing skills. Thus, if you cannot create blog content yourself, you can turn to content writing services.  

You may consider starting a blogging section on your website. However, ensure that your blogs are optimized with relevant keywords. It’s important to note that each blog needs to have keywords that are relevant to the topic you’re writing about. Consequently, you must have keywords for all your articles. Moreover, use your keywords consistently in your topic, subtopics, meta-title, and meta-data.  

To achieve good SEO results through blogging, it’s best to blog regularly. However, remember to follow all SEO rules in your blogs, such as keywords and link building.  

3. Optimize Your Website 

Your website is the doorway to your SaaS business. Your website content on every page must be optimized for better results. You may begin by using keywords that match the content of each page. Just like in your blogs, use keywords in your titles and subtitles. It would also help to optimize the titles for your pictures and videos using keywords.  

Moreover, if your web pages contain many photos and videos, you must compress them. Compressed images and videos improve the page’s loading time. If your page takes more than three seconds to load, this is an indication that your videos and pictures need compression. 

If your pages take a lot of time to load, they’re likely to increase the bounce rate from your visitors. A high bounce rate is a red flag because it means you’re losing potential clients.    

4. Use Inbound Links 

There’s more to linking aside from outbound links. It’s beneficial to use inbound links that link to other pages on your website. You can create clusters with your links, so that related pages are linked together. 

Links may increase the time visitors spend on your website when they move from one page to another through the links. More time on your website increases your site’s reputation on search engines.

5. Use Google Ads 

Google ads are an effective SEO strategy for leveling up your SaaS business. To make the most of this online advertising tool, design compelling ads on your website, YouTube channel, and search engines. Moreover, optimize your ads with keywords. Whenever someone searches for information related to your SaaS business, your ads will appear on the search engine results pages.  

In addition, include links to your website in your ads. It would also be good to have responsive ads or those with flexible sizing to fit different screens.   

6. Begin A YouTube Channel 

A video marketing campaign is an SEO strategy you can’t overlook. On your YouTube channel, you can post advertisement videos. In addition, you can create video tutorials that demonstrate the unique features of your SaaS product and how user-friendly it is. Such tutorials also improve user retention by making the onboarding experience positive and straightforward.  

If someone posted feedback that they have challenges navigating some sections of your software, you can reply with a link to a tutorial that addresses this specific concern. Finally, display ads for your business on your YouTube videos.  

7. Start Guest Blogging 

Maybe you’ve been blogging on your website excellently. Well, it’s high time you take your blogging efforts to the next level. Thus, start guest blogging. 

Begin by identifying high-authority websites you can write articles for. Websites that primarily deal in SaaS products should be your priority. This is because they already have the right audience for you. 

However, you may leverage other credible websites if you can’t get high-authority websites. Moreover, develop highly curated content that upholds the website’s authority and improves yours. 

It would also help if your guest blogs have outbound links to your website and blog. Search engine algorithms tend to give higher recognition to pages linked to high-authority websites. Finally, your content should be original and free from plagiarism. 

Final Thoughts 

Marketing is essential for every business. And SaaS businesses need to take advantage of it through strategies such as SEO. Implementing the strategies given in this article can take your SaaS business to the next level.