We cannot imagine books, pamphlets, magazines, coupons, advertisement leaflets, and many other related things without illustrations as it adds a form of life to it. An illustration is a perfect way of conveying messages without uttering a single word. Professionals in this domain are equipped with excellent drawing, sketching, and analytical skills to place their characters, compositions, moods, and the entire story in a stipulated time frame. Students are passionate about this profession as people are more into designs, art, creative storytelling methods, and illustration. Here is the list of things that will help you to tell a story through the art of illustration: 

  • Picture your characters: A story is a combination of different characters and illustration is the perfect way to describe your characters. You have to specify every little detail through your illustration like the expression, mood, and overall personality can be determined by appearance only. The way they carry their look including the hairstyle, the way a character dresses, gestures, and the setting that you decide to picture your characters in a particular situation.
  • Decide on a story: You have to start by deciding on characters but there has to be an idea where you place them in a story so that you can illustrate the background. The kind of setting that goes perfectly with the situation that you place your characters in and the poses that will determine their next moves. The best way to specialize in such illustrations is to click pictures of random people and understand their body language as it will eventually chisel your skills for portraying everything through your illustrations. 
  • Character poses: You have to remember that when it comes to choosing character posses, you have to determine a significant style so that users can relate them in two different situations. Create a reference chat so that you can go back and refresh your knowledge to finish up your project. If you are creating a picture book that means you have to draw a particular character many a time. Create a significant mark and poses so that their actions are clearly evident through their body gestures. Professionals advise students to keep developing loose sketches for finalizing features of a particular character. 
  • Movement: Storytelling through illustration is a very sophisticated form of art as you have to attract people towards every fragment of it. The concept of movement has to be clearly defined in your imagination so that you can perfectly place your characters in a specific scene. Your characters must interact with the overall scene and synchronize with the movement of their body parts. They have to be in harmony with the whole composition. 
  • Shape: It is the most important part of storytelling through illustration as it conveys your message most appropriately. For example, if your story revolves around a cruel witch, then you have to specify your intentions through her shape. Then you have to focus on placing this shape in the compositions and determine the rest of the story through their shape only.

So, if you are aiming for a career in illustration, then you must sign up for a course to start your training and envision a career in this domain. You can also check here for more about the BA illustration course in London.

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