Snapchat is becoming more and more interesting to its users day by day as it has associated its app with Snapchat Score, a mysterious number that tells you “how active you are on this social media platform.”

While longtime Snapchatters know this, those who are new to the Snapchat platform are still figuring it out. 

So, if you are one of them, luckily you’re at the right place. Here, we are going to explain to you everything about “Snapchat Score” like what it actually is, how it works, what can increase your Snapchat score, what can’t and how can you get your Snapchat score quickly, etc.

With that said, let’s get started—

What Is a Snapchat Score?

Every Snapchat user has a Snap Score, which is easy to find, but not so easy to understand! So, first thing first, let us tell you that Snapchat’s official FAQ section describes Snapchat Score as—

“Your Snapchat score is determined by a super-secret special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a couple other factors like the number of friends, Snap streaks and Snap volumes.”

In short, it is the amalgamation of your activity on Snapchat that is displayed as numbers.

To simply explain you in layman terms, ‘Snapchat score’ is a number that appears just below the name on the profile screen to gauge how active you are on the platform. 

How Does Snapchat Score Work?

Well, we know you’re curious enough to know how Snapchat Score works, but before that it’s worth noting that it’s on par with the followers list or friend list of other apps. Not only that, it empowers your Snapchat profile to show people how strong your Snap game is!

Now, talking about its working, it is simple to understand that— when you join Snapchat, there are certain activities for which you earn points that are added to your Snap Score and then, there are other activities for which you are not eligible to earn points.

To help you understand this better, we have categorized the activities that help you earn points and those that do not in the table below. Have a look:

Activities for which you get points
Activities for which you don’t get points
You get one point for opening a snap you find.You get one point for sending pictures to your friends.You also get a point for posting a Snap to your Story.Above all, if you haven’t been active on Snapchat for a while, the first snap you send on the app after you return will earn you six points to add to your score.There are no points on Snapchat just for messaging.Sending Snaps in group messages doesn’t help you earn a point.When you send someone a friend request and it’s not accepted, then also you don’t get a point.Also you do not receive any points if you view just one story.

Does Snapchat Score Benefit You?

No. The benefit of Snapchat scores is nothing. It is just used to unlock trophies. Basically, you can unlock trophies as your Snapchat score increases.

So, there’s something intriguing about the Snapchat score more than the fact that it’s just a fun part of using the multimedia messaging app.

Now that we have made you clear about Snapchat score, how it works and whether it has any benefits or not; it’s time to learn how Snap Score is calculated because Snapchat isn’t really coming forward with the explanation of the process on how exactly that score is actually calculated!

How Is Snap Score Calculated?

As per the Snapchat Support, the Snap score is calculated using a secret equation. On this, the website further clarifies by explaining to the users that the number of snaps you send, the number of snaps you receive and the stories you post are the parameters used to calculate Snap score.

But, it’s worth noting that this is just one part of the equation and the other part that calculates the Snap Score is made up of other “mysterious” factors.

To find out those factors, many social media analysts have taken a closer look at the app and pointed out some of the main factors on which your Snap Score is calculated. 

What Factors Can Increase Your Snapchat Score?

There are many factors that can increase your Snapchat score. So, all the factors that play a perfect role in becoming a Snapchat score calculator for you are as follows:

  • In-App Activity: Snapchat monitors your in-app activity. For this, it mainly considers the number of snaps you have sent and received. Considering both, it calculates and gives your score. So, the more active you are, the higher your Snap score can be. However, not only sending and receiving Snaps, but using trophies, stories, and number of friends, can also contribute to the in-app activity leading to a high Snap score.
  • Users Added to Your Snapchat Account & Interaction With Them: Your Snapchat score also depends on how many people you follow and how many are you friends with! So, the higher the number of friends, the more beneficial it is to improve your Snap Score game.
  • Frequency of Snap Exchanging: How often you send Snaps is another factor that is directly connected to your Snap Score. So, if you want to add points to your Snap Score, it is imperative that you increase the usage of your app as well as the frequency of exchanging Snaps.
  • Length of Maintaining SnapStreaks: On Snapchat, you can have Snap Streaks with friends by sending and receiving Snaps for several days in a row, and, in case you wonder how this factor determines your Snap Score, let us tell you that the longer you keep your Snap streaks, the more profitable it will be for your Snap Score.
  • Posting Snapchat Stories: If you post stories on Snapchat, you’re in luck because it’s also a great way to add to your Snapchat score.
  • Bonus Points for Coming Back to Snapchat: If you’ve taken a break and haven’t used the Snapchat app for a while, you’ll get hype in your Snap score when you rejoin the platform and start snapping.
  • Discover Videos in the ‘Discover’ Section: Another factor that helps you increase your Snap score is the number of videos you find on Snapchat’s Discover section. Therefore, even if you are not sending/receiving Snaps and not posting or viewing stories, you can still increase your snap score by interacting with the ‘Discover’ feature on Snapchat. This means, if you use Snapchat’s Discover feature, Snapchat will count it as points that get added to your Snap Score.
  • Sending Snaps to Multiple People: Last but not least, you’ll also get bonus points for sending Snaps to multiple people at once and maintaining Snapchat streaks by sending Snaps to your friends continuously for a long period of time.

What Factors Do Not Increase Your Snapchat Score?

It’s no rocket science to know the factors that don’t help you increase your Snap score. They are as follows—

  • Sending & Receiving Text Messages: Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t increase your Snapchat score if you just send or receive a plain text message on Snapchat.
  • Sending Friend Requests to Snap Users/ Celebrities: Simply just sending friend requests to Snap users /celebrities around the world will not increase your score until and unless the other party accept it.  So, not only sending requests does the job but, you have to make sure that your friend requests also get accepted because only then your score will increase.
  • Sending Same Snap to Multiple Users: If you’re sending the same Snap to multiple users, you don’t get extra points. For that, you need to send a unique Snap to each and every one with whom you’ve maintained snapstreaks.
  • Sending Snaps to Groups: There’s a debate about this, but it’s believed that sending Snaps in group messages doesn’t help to boost your Snap score at all. Rather, you have to send snaps to individuals to increase your score.
  • Watching Friends’ Stories:  If you believe that only watching your friends’ stories helps you increase your score, then that just isn’t possible! You didn’t raise your Snapchat score like this. You need to post your own stories and that will help you increase your score.

How Do You Find Your Snap Score?

While it’s pretty easy to find your Snap Score, if you’re new to Snapchat, you definitely won’t know how to find it. In that case, follow the steps given below to find your Snapchat profile score—

  • Step 1: First of all, tap on the “Snapchat icon” to open Snapchat on your respective Android / iOS mobile device.
Tap on the ‘Snapchat icon’ to open the Snapchat app on your mobile.
  • Step 2: Inside the Snapchat app, tap on the “Profile/ Bitmoji icon” from the top-left corner of the screen. However, if you don’t have a Bitmoji icon, you can tap on the “Circle” which is in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 
Tap on your Snapchat account’s ‘Profile/ Bitmoji icon’ from the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Step 3: In doing so, you’ll be taken to your Snapchat Profile screen and there, you’ll have to look for your “Display Name” under your Snapcode image.  
  • Step 4: Next, what you’ve to do is look beneath the display name to find “Additional Information.” Among the same, you will see a random number in between your username and zodiac sign. Wonders what’s that? Well, it’s your “Snapchat profile score.”
Beneath your ‘Display Name,’ your Snapchat profile score is given between your username and zodiac sign.
  • Step 5: Once you’re able to see your Snapchat profile score, tap on it and when you do that, you’ll see another set of numbers with a separator in the middle. To be precise, when you tap on “Snapchat Score”, it will reveal two other numbers that describe the number of Snaps you’ve sent and the number of Snaps you’ve received.
Tap on the “Snapchat Score” to see the number of Snaps you’ve sent and the number of Snaps you’ve received.

Tip: You need not have to waste your time doing the math with the number of snaps you’ve sent and received because it won’t add to your score anyhow.

How Do You Find Your Friend’s Snap Score?

Along with yours, if you are curious to know your friends’ scores but don’t know how to find others’ snap scores, you can learn the process following these steps—

  • Step 1: Begin by opening “Snapchat App” on your respective Android /iPhone.
  • Step 2: Once the Snapchat app opens to the ‘Camera’ screen, you’ve to simply swipe right to go to the “Chat page.”
On the Snapchat’s Camera screen, swipe right to navigate to the “Chat page.”
  • Step 3: On the Chat page, what you’ve to do is tap on your Snapchat account’s “Profile Icon” which is right there in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Step 4: In doing so, you’ll see that the profile menu will appear in front of you on the screen. Now, from the profile menu, you need to tap on the “My Friends” option.
Tap on your “Profile Icon” to open the profile menu and from it, tap on the “My Friends” option.
  • Step 5: As you do this, the entire friends list of your Snapchat account will appear on the screen, and from it, all you have to do is find the “User” whose Snapchat score you want to find.
Open your Snapchat friends’ list and tap on the “User” name whose Snapchat Score you want to see.
  • Step 6: Once you tap on the User name, move on and tap on that user’s “Profile icon” to open a page which contains the following information—
  • The User’s Display Name, 
  • Username, and 
  • The Snap Score.
Tap on the ‘User profile icon’ to see the “Snap Score.”

Alternatively, you can also tap a user’s “Bitmoji icon” on the chat page to check your friends’ Snap scores.

So, this is how you can get your friends’ snap scores to make your Snapchat Score game more interesting and challenging because when you know that, you can compete on their snap scores and set the bar high. 

How to Boost Your Snapchat Score, Quickly?

No wonder most of the people on Snapchat keep thinking of ways that can help them to increase their Snapchat score as fast as possible so that they can beat the scores of their friends.

If you’re also curious to know the same, you’re in luck! Below we have discussed some of the ways, or you can say tips and tricks in which you have to invest your little bit of time to increase your score quickly.

Capture a Snap and Start Sharing to Multiple Friends At Once

When snapping something and sharing it to each of your friends one at a time, will help you increase your score, but not quickly. To increase your score faster, you need to send your snaps to multiple recipients more often. So, considering that here’s how you can send a snap to several friends—

  • Step 1: To get started, you first need to take a snap as usual. Alternatively, you can choose a snap from old ones also.
  • Step 2: Next, you have to tap on the ‘Send to’ button located in the lower right corner of the app screen.
  • Step 3: After tapping on the send to button, select the ‘Names’ of some of your friends to whom you want to send the snap.
  • Step 4: Once you’ve decided whom you want to send snaps to, just tap the ‘Blue arrow’ at the bottom to send the Snap to multiple friends simultaneously.

Add Friends to Your Snapchat Account & Subscribe to Celebrities Channels

Next, you can consider adding friends to your Snapchat account to quickly increase your Snap score. So, if you’re ready to do that, you have the following three options—

  • You can ask your friends to share their Snap code so that you can scan it to add them automatically.
  • You can allow Snapchat to access your contacts and then accept them manually.
  • You can find more people to add to mutual friends suggested by Snapchat.

Apart from adding friends, it is worth mentioning that subscribing to the channels of celebrities will also help you to improve your Snapchat score in minutes. So, to subscribe to celebrity channels, one has to follow these steps—

  • Step 1: Tap on the “Snapchat icon” to open your Snapchat app on your respective device.
  • Step 2: Then, what you have to do is tap on the “Search” button which is located right next to your profile icon.
  • Step 3: On the search bar, type the “Name of the Celebrity” you want to follow.
  • Step 4: Lastly, just tap “Subscribe” to follow your favorite celebrity star on Snapchat.

Open All Snap You Have Received

Now what else helps you increase your score fast is the habit of regularly opening snaps that you receive. Yes, you heard it right. Not just by sending snaps, but by opening all snaps that others send you, will also do the job. You will receive one point for each snap you open by tapping the red (if it’s a photo) or purple (if it’s a video) box button located next to the ‘Sender Name.’

Post Pictures and Videos on Your Snapchat Stories

Another way is to use your Snapchat stories to indirectly increase your score. Wonder how? Well, it’s simply like when you add any snap to your posted Snapchat story, it will get you 3 points, regardless of how many people view it.

In regard to this, let us tell you that you can post up to 24 hours of content per day, so if you have a lot of content to share, make sure you post it! However, be careful not to block others’ feeds by posting too much content.

Now, considering that in mind, you can follow these steps to add a snap to your Snapchat Story—

  • Step 1: First thing first, you have to make a ‘Snap.’
  • Step 2: Once done, tap the ‘Send’ arrow on a completed snap.
  • Step 3: Now, just tap on the ‘My Story’ circle which is located in the upper-left corner of the recipient’s screen. 

This is how you’ll be able to post your snap to your Snapchat story and if you continue doing so, your Snap score will boost like the speed of a light.

Stay Active

Since you know that the “other factors” mentioned on the Snapchat website that determine your Snap score are still a mystery, the best you can do is to be proactive on Snapchat to explore those factors. 

In respect to this, note that, while you do so, you can have fun engaging with the app and this way, your score will go up simultaneously.

Take a Break from Snapchat

If you want to add 6 points directly to your Snap score, you can take a break from Snapchat for a while and then, come back. Wonder how this will help you increase your score? Well, in this regard, it’s worth noting that Snapchat will reward you for taking a break too! That said, here’s how you can do so—

  • Step 1: You will need to log out of your Snapchat account and not login for several days.
  • Step 2: When a few days have passed since you’ve been inactive on the platform, log back into your Snapchat account.

Once you log into Snapchat after being inactive for several days, Snapchat will reward you and your Snap Score will increase by up to six points in total.

Unlock Snapchat Emojis

You may not know that when you unlock Snapchat emojis, your score will go up too. So, in order to see how you will be able to unlock all the emojis on Snapchat, check out the table below:

S.No.EmojisHow to Unlock Emojis
1.Videotape emojiSend a video
2.Video camera emojiSend 500 videos
3.Movie camera emojiSend 50 videos
4Flashlight emojiSend 10 snaps with the front-facing camera flash on
5Loop once emojiFlip the camera once in a video
6Loop emojiFlip the camera 5x in one video
7Rotate emojiFlip the camera 10x in one video
8Moon face emojiSend 50 snaps using night mode
9Lollipop emojiSend a snap using 5 or more pencil colors
10Rainbow emojiSend 10 snaps using 5 or more pencil colors
11Artist palette emojiSend 50 snaps using 5 or more pencil colors
12Panda emojiSend 50 snaps using the black and white filter
13Happy devil emojiScreenshot a snap
14Angry devil emojiScreenshot 10 snaps
16Goblin emojiScreenshot 50 snaps
17Ogre emojiSend 1,000 snaps using the front-facing camera
18.Radio emojiSubmit a snap to a Story
19Clapboard emojiSubmit 10 snaps to a Story
20Fax machine emojiScan 5 Snapcodes
21Email emojiVerify your email address in settings 
22Telephone emojiVerify your phone number in settings
23Baby emojiGet your Snapchat score to 10
24Glowing star emojiGet your Snapchat score to 100
25Sparkles emojiGet your Snapchat score to 1,000
26Circled star emojiGet your Snapchat score to 10,000
27Explosion emojiGet your Snapchat score to 50,000
28Rocket emojiGet your Snapchat score to 100,000
29Ghost emojiGet your Snapchat score to 500,000
30Eyes emojiSet up My Eyes Only in Memories
31Microphone emojiSend a song through Snapchat
32Smiley face with sunglasses emojiPair Snap Spectacles with Snapchat
33Link emojiLink your Bitmoji to Snapchat
34Globe emojiBlue circle emojiPost your snap on a Live StoryCreate a Story in Memories
35White circle emojiSend a Story from Memories
36Minidisc emojiSave a Story to Memories
37CD emojiSave 100 snaps to Memories
38DVD emojiSave 1,000 snaps to Memories
39Detective emojiSearch for a snap in Memories
40Bullseye emojiAdd five or more Snapchat friends via the Add Nearby feature
41Speaker medium emoji Share 50 Stories from search
42Speaker low emojiShare 10 Stories from search
43Speaker high emojiShare 500 stories from search
44Magnifying glass emojiSend 10 pictures that are entirely zoomed in
45Microscope emojiSend 10 videos using zoom
46ABCD emojiSend 100 snaps with large text
47Fried egg emojiSend a snap between 4 and 5 in the morning
48Index finger emojiSend a snap with one filter applied
49Peace sign emojiSend a snap with two filters applied
50Snowflake emojiSend a snap with the temperature filter below freezing
51Sun face emojiSend a snap with the temperature filter above 100℉
52Hear-no-evil monkey emojiSend a video without audio

Buy Snap Score Points Online 

Last but not least, if you don’t prefer using the above mentioned common (old-fashioned) methods to increase your Snap Score fast, how about buying some points? From a website called Snapchat Score, you can buy as many points as you want to boost your Snap Score.

However, it should be noted that you can use this Snapchat score booster platform on one condition that you have not changed your username in the last year. 

Warning: Despite various third party apps and services, including Snapchat Score Generators and bots, promises to rapidly increase your Snapchat score; you should avoid using them at all costs. Such platforms work against Snapchat’s Terms of Service and if you use them, they may be responsible for your account being locked or banned from the Platform.

What Are the Benefits of Increasing Snapchat Score?

Generally, users increase their Snapchat score just for fun but, there are some other benefits too. For instance, you get immense satisfaction and having a high Snap score on your profile page helps you impress your friends with it.

Along with this you also get Snapchat trophies. These are additional rewards given to those who are willing to increase their Snapchat score.

In total, you can earn 7 trophies once you reach a special milestone with your Snap Score. These 7 trophies are listed—

Baby Emoji Trophy: Snapchat Score 10 
Star Emoji Trophy: Snapchat Score 100 
Sparkles Emoji Trophy: Snapchat Score 1000 
Circled Star Emoji Trophy: Snapchat Score 10 000 
Explosion Emoji Trophy: Snapchat Score50 000 
Rocket Emoji Trophy: Snapchat Score 100 000 
Ghost Emoji Trophy: Snapchat Score 500 000 

Snapchat Score Isn’t Updating: What To Do?

While it’s true that your Snap score cannot go down, but, if you’re using the app regularly and your Snapchat score doesn’t change—these are the steps you can take:

  • Update the App: Make sure your app is updated to the latest version available.
  • Restart your Phone & Wait a Few Hours: It could just be a glitch or it could be a technical issue with Snapchat. So, restart your phone and check your score again after some time.
  • Talk to Snapchat Support. In the worst case, the Snapchat support team can help you troubleshoot any issues with the app.


That’s all you need to know not only about Snapchat’s Snap Scores, what it is and how it is calculated but also about how Snapchat Score works, how you can increase your Snap Score, what factors contribute to boost your Snap Score and what not!

However, still if you have some questions left in your mind, check out the FAQ section below and hope you get all your answers.

FAQs on Snapchat Score

Ques: What’s My Snap Score Counts?

Ans: Your Snap Score counts the following:

  • The number of Snaps you have sent and received.
  • The number of friends you have.
  • The number of Discover videos you have watched.
  • The number of Stories you have viewed and posted.

Ques: How is the Snapchat Score Calculated?

Ans: The process to calculate your Snapchat score is not that easy because Snapchat score or SnapScore is the number which is determined based on the various in-app activities you perform on the app. To mention some, the number of streaks you’ve sent or received, the number of stories you’ve uploaded, the number of friends you have on the app, the number of photos you clicked, and the number of videos you watch, etc.

Ques: How Does Your Snap Score Increase?

Ans: Increasing your Snapchat score depends on your activity like you can “maintain streaks via sending snaps” and it will result in a higher score. However, in this regard, it is worth noting that Snapchat only counts unique snaps sent. Sending the same Snap to multiple users will not increase your Snapchat Score, instead, to increase your Snapchat Score you will need to send unique Snaps to each user each time.

Ques: What Are the Best Ways to Increase Snap Score?

Ans: These are the ways that help you increase your Snapchat score:

  • You should send snaps more often since your snap score increases by a point for every snap you send. 
  • You can open all the Snaps that you haven’t read yet this too, can increase your Snap Score.
  • You also get some extra points when you send your Snap to multiple friends at a time. 
  • Same way, when you send your Snap to more people, you’ll get more Snaps in return and get points for opening each of them.
  • You can even consider adding the same Snaps to your Story to increase your score.
  • Last but not least, you can try adding more friends to your Snapchat as this will help you send and receive photos among a large number of people which in turn will increase your score.

Ques: Can I Increase My Score Overnight?

Ans: No! You cannot increase your Snapchat score overnight as there is no known hack/trick for it. Instead, you’ll have to continue using the app more often to make sure your score increases with time.

Ques: How Many Snaps Increase Your Score?

Ans: If you send a Snap to 20 people, you will get 20 points for sending it (i.e., one point for each user) and similar is the case when you receive snaps. So, whether you send or receive Snaps, it’s going to raise your Snap Score equal to the number of Snaps you’ve exchanged.

Ques: Does Texting Increase Snap Score?

Ans: No. If you text someone on Snapchat, it doesn’t increase your Snap score at all. Rather, all that counts as points to be added to your Snap Score are your videos and photos.

Ques: How Is My Friend’s Snap Score Going Up?

Ans: If your friends’ Snap scores are rising, it means they’ve completed some in-app activity tasks like opening received Snaps, sending Snaps to multiple users at once, and/or posting stories, etc.

Ques: Does Someone Get to Know If I Check Their Snapchat Score?

Ans: No! The other person doesn’t know whether you’ve checked their Snap Score. However, what they get to know is that you’ve checked out their stories.

Ques: Is It Possible that My Snapchat Score Go Down?

Ans: No! Technically, your Snapchat score will neither decrease nor go up, even if you stop being active on Snapchat.

Ques: How Much Does My Snap Score Go Up Per Snap?

Ans: It is estimated that the number of snaps sent on a chat increases your Snapchat profile’s score by 1 or 2 per message.

Ques: Can I Raise My Snapchat Score Online?

Ans: There are tons of websites and apps available online that promise to raise your score to hundreds of thousands of points in minutes. But, you should not fall into their trap as all these websites and apps are scams. No third-party applications and/or websites can help you increase your Snapchat score.

Ques: What is a Good Snap Score?

Ans: If you wonder what is considered a good Snap score, the Snap score should be around 100,000 then only it will be considered a good Snap score because a Snap score between 50,000-75,000 for 1000 friends is considered to be an average.

Ques: Can I see Anyone’s Snap Score without Being Friends? 

Ans: No. Snap scores are shared and visible only among friends. So, if you’re friends with a particular person (whose Snap score you want to see), you can see their Snap score otherwise you wouldn’t.

Ques: What Is the Highest Snap Score?

Ans: A Snap score of over 1 million is considered high and currently, Dion-19 has the highest Snap score, with an overall score of over 61 million.

Ques: How Often Does Snapchat Score Update 2023?

Ans:  Snapchat refreshes the score each time a user sends or receives a Snap.