You may have heard of Medium but may not have given it a second thought as a blogging platform. You may already be scoring daily traffic on your blog site and must be pleased about your content too! However, isn’t it better to get more than what you already get? It certainly is! So, what do you do? You have to start using and blogging on Medium, but you have to look at how to rank Medium post in GoogleYou may contact digital marketers like Deepak Shukla to ensure your site scores a home run. He is an expert in all the verticals in this domain. 

Must-Dos to Score a Higher Rank through Medium Post

Understand How Medium Works

Medium is more than your blog site. It has huge traffic, and bloggers use it daily. However, the first thing to do in this case would be to learn the ropes of using the site. Consider Medium to be like that influencer who has a great value in the market. If you wish to take your site or give better visibility to your brand, Medium is where you should be. Just read the rules and do not swerve from these unless you want to earn a black spot and lose it all in Google. 

Use the Medium-Special keyword Tool

Unlike other blog sites, Medium has its keyword planner tools. As you enter Medium to post a blog, remember that you have no visibility yet. You can check the Autofill keyword tool. Alternatively, you may search Google to find what topics and keywords are ranking in Google from Medium. Then you can begin your article. Also, use the keywords in the right places, like the title and other sweet spots. Likewise, use these keywords in the first paragraph and the meta description to drive in as much attention. 

Design the Articles or Blog Posts 

Do not write generic articles with no purpose just because you want to make your site look full. It’s time to show your prowess in writing to the world. Remember to write for people who read and not just start on a shabby or unprepared note. Be clear on your intent and work on it.  

Use Visually-Gripping Images

When you write articles, could you not keep them dry or plain? Use images and the right videos. The title is about how to make paper and show the process through images or videos. It would help in driving the message better. In addition, these are the days of visualization, and hence, images and videos of high quality speak for you and your brand. 

No Hesitation in Following the Best Practices

Stick to the basic rules of Medium. Do not hesitate to use references from others’ blogs as helpful links. The readers might appreciate the efforts you are putting in to explain your topics and would revisit your site.