79% of people claim that a lawn is important when they’re looking at homes to rent or buy. Simply having a lawn isn’t enough, however. You want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood.

Maintaining a nice lawn isn’t as easy as it looks, however. We’re here to talk about how to improve your lawn so you can enjoy it when the weather is warm. Read on to learn more. 

“Grass-Cycle” Grass Clippings

Do you always bag up your grass clippings after mowing the lawn, and then throw them away? Stop that! Instead, start grass-cycling them. 

Grass-cycling means that you’re leaving the leftover grass on your lawn instead of removing it. As the leftover grass decomposes, it leaves nutrients in your lawn and allows it to thrive.

That’s right, you can fertilize and improve your lawn without ever buying a bag of fertilizer from your local home and garden store.

Start Composting

Another great way to fertilize your lawn is to compost. Composting is easy and environmentally friendly.

Start collecting food scraps from fruits and vegetables instead of throwing them away. Put them into a DIY compost bin and leave the bin outside. You can bring it inside, but it may attract household pests if you’re not careful.

When you have compost ready, sprinkle it on your lawn. You can also use it for other garden plants, including flowers and vegetables. 

Compost can prevent topsoil erosion, stimulate root growth, and attract beneficial insects and worms). Remember, not all pests are bad for your lawn. 

Water Less Often

This might sound wrong but trust us. If you want to improve your lawn, we recommend watering less often (but also watering better).

Instead of running your sprinklers every day, run them once per week until you get an inch of water all over. You can measure this by putting a container (or several containers) outside when you run the sprinklers and measuring how much water is in there.

“Once per week” is somewhat of a loose guideline. If you’re in a very dry or very damp area, you’ll need to make adjustments. You want the top two to four inches of your soil to feel dry before you water the grass again.

Hire Lawncare Professionals

Let’s face it: taking care of a lawn is a lot of work. Busy people struggle to find the time to take care of their lawns, especially during the dry summer months. 

If this sounds familiar, why not hire a pro to help you out? They’ll help you get a beautiful lawn that the neighbors will envy. You can tell them your lawn goals and they’ll put their expertise to work.

Even if you only hire them once instead of for routine work, they’ll get you started on the right path toward a perfect lawn.

That’s How to Improve Your Lawn

If you’re struggling to get your lawn in good condition, use these tips for how to improve your lawn. You’ll have a green, healthy, and luscious lawn in no time that you can enjoy all summer long.

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