Dental restorations are some of the most common procedures and treatments that dentists do regularly. Whether it may be due to damages or for improvements and enhancements; restorations of teeth play a significant role in dentistry.

There are several options, as well, that patients may choose to restore or improve their dental health. Depending on the condition or issue, though, the resolution will vary.

As years pass by, and technology continues to advance further; more and more innovative solutions are becoming available on the market. The processes to restore and improve one’s teeth become more accessible, convenient, and efficient.

The latest in the industry is called the CEREC system. If you have already heard of it; and you want to know more about this option, you have to the right place.

What is CEREC?

CEREC officially stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Many also interpret it as CEramic REConstruction because it utilizes only ceramic as the core material of the parts.

A CEREC treatment will involve the usage of CAD/CAM technology, or Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing. This means that the entire process; except for the actual fitting and placement, will be done with the help of a computer and software.

This technology can resolve issues including teeth loss, breakage, replacements, restorations, and improvements. This means that the parts that it can fabricate are crowns, veneers, implants, dentures, inlays, and onlays, as well as bridges.

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Interesting Facts About The CEREC System

To get to know more about this innovative solution for dental restorations, here some of the most interesting facts about CEREC:

    • 3-Dimensional Printing For Teeth

As noted, CEREC utilizes computer software for the design and fabrication of the parts needed for the dental procedure or treatment. During the designing stage, the technology itself does the process, with the help of the dentist for the tweaks and adjustments. Once completed, the same technology fabricates the designed parts by printing them in 3D.

It does not use any other material other than ceramic. Accordingly, all the designs and fabrications will not involve any metal.

Hence, patients and dental experts can ensure the safety and security of the production, as well as the entire dental procedure and treatment.

    • CEREC Parts Are Less Invasive

The entire system of CEREC is less invasive. From the design to the manufacturing, including even the application and placement, only a few resources and tools will be utilized. Hence, it minimizes all the risks and decreases the chance of unsuccessful treatment.

During the design stage, dentists only come in to do a few adjustments based on the patient’s condition or request. But, if the concerns are only basic, the software itself can already do the whole designing stage. As for the manufacturing, the fabrication will be done completely by the computer.

The applications and placements also entail lesser risks because everything is already in place with the help of the technology.

    • Minimizes Downtime, Saves Cost and Resources

When you and your dentist decide to do a treatment with the use of CEREC, the whole process will only require a few minutes or hours. Patients will no longer need to do succeeding visits at,;and returns to the dentist’s office to resume the procedure or treatment.

This is because the designing and fabrication only take a few minutes or hours depending on the dental issue or concern of the patient. After the manufacturing and printing, the application comes next, and it will only take a few minutes, as well.

Therefore, this technology minimizes all downtime and saves costs in the long run.

    • Better Fit and Aesthetics

The CEREC system produces accurate results. So, all the fittings and adjustments will be minimized because the parts will fit accordingly, to the patient’s mouth and teeth.

This also means that there will be fewer preparations needed to be done on the natural tooth or teeth. In most usual cases, drilling and filing are no longer necessary before the application of the parts for the procedure.

Moreover, parts fabricated with the use of CEREC are more aesthetically pleasing because they look natural. In terms of texture, style, and color, they appear as if they are natural teeth.

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    • Temporary Fixes Are No Longer Necessary

When you resort to traditional dental procedures and treatments, it would entail several visits to complete the entire process. During the waiting period, due to the conventional fabrication of the parts, dentists would place temporary fixes on the tooth or teeth in question.

But, given that fabrication in the CEREC system only takes a few minutes or hours, temporary applications are no longer needed. Hence, inconveniences and potential risks will be eliminated in the entire procedure or treatment.

Once the computer prints and fabricates the parts, the final product will already be the permanent material that will be used for your procedure.

Talk To Your Dentist Now About CEREC

Now that you know how beneficial CEREC is when it comes to common dental restoration procedures and treatments, you are surely encouraged to choose it over any other conventional system. But, it is worth noting that there are still cases when dentists recommend the traditional procedures and treatments. This is a case-to-case basis, though, depending on the condition of your teeth or the issue of your dental health.

So, before you decide on the matter, make sure to talk to your dentist about it. Know all your options, as well as the best fit for your case.