The global office supplies market is projected to grow from $130.5 billion in 2021 to $149.4 billion by 2028. This statistic shows just how important these things are to businesses around the world!

While we may know how vital office supplies are, we don’t always remember every single thing. And if you’re caught lacking, then it can really mess things up at work.

You don’t want to be the one to blame, do you?

If not, then read on for an office supply checklist that’ll come in handy!

Writing Tools

We know that most things are digital nowadays, but nothing beats scribbling down something fast with a pen or pencil. So make sure your office is well stocked with these things!

In addition, you’ll also need dry-erase markers (if you’ve got a whiteboard), permanent markers for bold and eye-catching print, and highlighters to make sure readers get important info.

Notebooks and Notepads

You’ll need something to write information down on, so stock your office space up with notebooks and notepads. It wouldn’t hurt to have some looseleaf pages as well, as they’ll fit perfectly into the next item on the list.


Binders are perfect for bringing important documents and notes if you’re always on the go. Their hard shells will protect your pages and ensure they’re clean and dry when you hand them to important clients.

Don’t forget to get binder tabs either; these will help you keep track of things. A site like will have just what you need!

Paper Clips and Staples

For papers that don’t go into binders, you’ll need to keep them orderly in another way. For this, you can use paper clips or staples.

Of course, if you get staples, you’ll need staplers as well. Another handy thing to have is staple removers so you can add (or subtract) pages to a stack fast.


Make sure your office supply of tape never runs out by having a good stack in the cabinet.

You should also get tape dispensers so employees don’t have to fumble with the flimsy plastic casing the rolls come in. Plus, dispensers look classy on their tables.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes (aka Post-Its) are an office essential. Jot a few things down, then stick the paper anywhere you wish!

It’s easy to go through a stack quickly, so make sure there’s plenty in your supply room at any moment. People tend to grab a stack, then lose it before they even get halfway through them, so your supply’s sure to dwindle rapidly.

Keep This Office Supply Checklist in a Handy Place

Now that you’ve read this office supply checklist, make sure to keep it in a handy place. After all, you’re bound to run out at some point, and with this checklist for office supplies, you’ll be able to quickly tell what you’re missing. It can even be useful to print this article out, as you’ll have a daily reminder.

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