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Influencer Marketing: Tools For Effective Influencer Driven Marketing

Influencer marketing has been a rage since Instagram’s arrival and we can’t get enough of it.

Getting likes for instagram post building a massive follower base, and influencing them to buy a product are two different things.

While the former can be done with little effort, the latter takes ample patience and great strategies to work.

So, let’s find out the best tools for influencer marketing here and help you start your IG campaign.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing that capitalizes on product mentions and endorsements from individuals who have reached a certain follower base on IG.

These people are viewed as experts of a particular niche.

It works well because these people have built trust with their followers, so you increase your chances of getting more potential customers if you use them as your marketing partners. 

Best Tools To Drive Influencer Marketing

Now that you know what influencer marketing is, don’t you want to find out which tools drive influencer marketing the best? 

Of course, you do.

So, let’s get started on our list and find the top 7 Influencer Marketing tools. 

1: Post For Rent

Brands and influencers tend to leave remarks on each other’s Insta posts. 

Thus, brands looking for influencers see these star ratings and reviews and select the most influence they want.

Influencers also see the same when deciding which brand they should partner with.

Brands create a brief and specify the campaign they want, and this tool helps them connect with the right influencer that matches their criterion. 

In fact, the user interface is also simple to navigate here, which is a significant reason why Post For Rent is our top pick. 

2: NeoReach

NeoReach has an algorithm that mines the social web, and it contains over 3 million influencers.

The company targets large enterprises and companies using a number of parameters such as social metrics, social channels, audience demographics, conversational topics, etc.

Since you get so many details on influencers, choosing them becomes far easier.

The campaign management tool also uses a centralized communication tool to keep the interaction between the influencer and the brand smooth as butter!

3: Dovetale

Dovetale’s real focus is on eCommerce stores, but it integrates well with small businesses. 

There are also enterprise tools predisposed with this software, which you can seamlessly enjoy even with the free plan.

Dovetale includes all necessary features for your Influencer campaign, including reporting, monitoring, resource analyzing, etc.

Thus, your business will have a better chance of finding a successful influencer if you use this tool. 

4: AspirelQ

The unique aspect of this tool is it treats your community as like-minded customers, salespersons, professionals, creative people, employees, etc.

You can use this tool to turn every audience into valuable customers.

This tool has a stepwise workflow that can help you streamline the whole process from your first connection to content tracking and approval.

Unlike many other tools, this one does not come free. 

You have to spend some bucks to get a band on this one. 


The best part of this influencer marketing tool is its huge database of more than 10 million influencers.

The tool acts like Google Influencers, where the search engine plays the central role.

You could always search for an influencer by the name, but most of the searches are done here by the audience, and thus you can match the target influencer with the target audience.

Once you find a list of influencers that meet your audience needs, tap on their profile icon, and start talking. 

6: Mavrck

Mavrck’s approach to influencer marketing is a little different than other tools. It finds all social data connected to customers and finds influencers accordingly.

The tool comes predisposed with 20 digital activities that influencers can do to interact with customers.

Once Mavrck finds a customer absolutely influential, it generates a campaign for him.

What’s more?

Oh, you can log in to your Facebook account to keep the communication ongoing. 

7: Upfluence

Since last year, this influencer marketing tool has made ample changes in its business approach.

It has concentrated on its strengths and has decided to leverage the strengths of its 1 million+ influencers. 

You can keep a central repository for all your influencers and keep their email attachments in one place to access them when you want.

You can search influencers with focused keywords and manage them accordingly. 

Final Note

Are you still with us?

Well, we have completed our list of the best influencer marketing tools but don’t you think you should read this article thoroughly once again to find out the tool that will work best for you.

Yes, you should.

So, you do that and if you get stuck anywhere, let us know below.

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