A Traffic Control Person is the one who controls traffic on a worksite. It’s his responsibility to maintain the traffic flow safely through a construction site. There might be two or more than two traffic control persons working at the same construction site to ensure traffic flow with safety in each direction. 

Employers require ensuring that their employees have proper knowledge and understanding to safely work in temporary traffic control conditions. The traffic control person training course is made for the participants to be able to understand the needed personal protective equipment for temporary traffic conditions, use of proper hand signaling, preparation of job site and safety at the job site, duties and responsibilities of the workers.

The main objective of the course is to make participants understand the safety requirements when performing traffic control at any construction site. The course allows them to perform their duties by being safe and keeping the others safe. 

The Traffic Control Training Course Covers The Following Topics:

  • Equipment required for safety
  • Use of hand signals
  • Use of stop and slow signs
  • Personal protective equipment needed 
  • Duties of supervisors and the workers
  • Job and job site preparation
  • Traffic control placement
  • Responsibilities and authorizations

There are many benefits to traffic control person training. 

Some Of The Key Benefits Of The Training That The Participants Get Are:

  • The participants are trained by certified instructor and they also get the industry experience 
  • Pre-planning of all traffic control sites
  • Planning of deciding the escape routes
  • The participants are able to stand alone
  • Signaling to partner for traffic control
  • Keeping the signs the clean and good condition
  • Remove the signs when not required or not in use
  • To be able to understand what is going around
  • Ensure that all the stop and slow signs are in place
  • Make eye contact with the driver to get his attention
  • Staying alert
  • Participants become more competent to handle job risks
  • Perform the job safely and properly

The traffic control person training course is designed to provide the participants with the required knowledge and skills to perform the duty of traffic control person with safety and competence.  This is the right course for the people who want to work as TCP.

On Successful Completion Of The Course The Participants Would Also Have These Benefits:

  • They understand the important duties and responsibilities of a traffic control person
  • List and describe the different pieces of personal protective equipment needed while working as a traffic control person and know when and why they must be used. 
  • List and describe the different signs and devices used to control traffic in temporary conditions.
  • Understand the importance of pre-work planning and communication considering the safety of the worksite and how that can be achieved. 
  • They know how to do a proper pre-work and post-work inspection
  • They can respond in any problem or emergency.

Join Online Course:

The online traffic control training is about one hour of duration. During the course, participants are tested and assessed. The participants must obtain a minimum of 80 percent marks in order to successfully complete the course and be able to get the certificate of completion. The participants are also allowed to attempt two more times if they are not able to complete the course successfully in the first attempt. The certificate of completion could be downloaded for the records or participants can also take the print of it. Traffic Control Person Certification Training can be quite beneficial.