When it comes to leading the management or dealing with the operations, a person with an agile mindset and ample experience is desired. And that is a bit different from the process of recruiting a new joiner to the workforce. 

Recruitment is a process of adding a number of employees within the organization, whereas talent acquisition is choosing an appropriate person for a position. The latter is a bit riskier and demands much more attention and expertise in making a hiring decision.

Both the processes are a part of the enterprise industry and have their individual as well as a combined solution too. To have which one does depends on the user or the software deploying organization. 

A software that could serve for both i.e. recruitment as well as talent acquisition can be developed if asked from a custom enterprise software development company to enhance the organization’s performance by reducing the workforce and workload required in each. Else, individual solutions were there already in the market.

Before proceeding ahead to what a talent acquisition software could do, let’s move on to the basics first that are crucial.

About Talent acquisition software

The process of talent acquisition involves Sourcing, Selecting, Engaging, and Onboarding.

Now each of these terms refers to a necessary step that involves multiple workforce and resources to get the job done. Most of them are comprehensive and don’t require any explanation. 

– Sourcing is the resource gathering process in which the source persons manage to extract the possible candidates out of the database. The database was traditionally available in the physical format and thus was required to ask from every adjacent database owner individually.

Today, we have cloud-based database solutions and almost every company possesses the same, which reduces the hustle and bustle of grabbing contacts from numerous other sources.

A talent acquisition system is capable of integrating with such a database system so that an organization does not require to ask for the same by physically reaching the others door to door.

Nowadays, a solution for intellectual needs that demands decision-making intelligence is a trend to develop. They are colloquially termed intelligent solutions and are usually embedded with adequate machine learning or deep learning support.

– Selecting, the second crucial step for such the talent acquisition system includes screening, scheduling, contacting the person, and calling him/her up for the interview by rendering an appointment.

In this process, the software has to keep the time and resource scheduled, and the source of the candidate well-checked so as to keep its background on record. 

Going through the resume is a part of the screening process and a candidate has to go through manual screening in traditional practices that are yet for about 80% in a role in most of the organizations to date. 

Manual screening is sometimes not fair on results for the candidate and thus, it has become essential for a demand for the generation of such an acquisition software that could screen a candidate and his/her resume without any partiality.

An online screening process through talent acquisition software helps in-

  • unbiased screening 
  • assessment of candidates 
  • streamlining the entire process 
  • allotment of the slots or appointments, etc.

– Engaging process includes usually the communication part with the candidate in the following ways-

  • Informing the candidate for the ongoing process
  • Communicating with the candidate on calls for concerning queries and discussions
  • A proper channel of communication to run 

The step of Engagement is the most crucial one because it converts an outsider into an applicant for the first time. A candidate comes to the office premises and communicates with the concerned officials. 

Now, what an acquisition software has to offer over this step includes-

  • Automated modes of communication.
  • Robots 
  • Chatbots, etc

Once a candidate becomes a part of an organization, it comes to making that person understand the roles and responsibilities. And software that could make it easy by providing training and teaching support is always desirable for an organization.

– Onboarding is the last but the most valuable part of the entire process is the most worthy and investment-consuming one. Because this step involves the entire training process which covers the programs, inductions, presentations, etc.

All of these in-house processes ask for a hefty investment over the resources be it then for a place or to hire an expert for training sessions.

Benefits of cloud-supported Talent acquisition software 

A Talent acquisition software keeps things on the database in the form of metrics for further assessment and acquisition support. When things are visible in metrics it helps in saving not just the resources but also the time.

Metrics help in tracking the history of the candidates and saves time by deciding whether to consider or not to consider the person for a particular position on some proven basis.

For example, it has been evaluated through machine learning solutions that more than half of the candidates across the world hesitate to rejoin a company they have worked in. Thus, a machine learning supported TAS would save time not considering them as a prior candidate.

Summing up

A software that helps in acquiring human capital intelligently for a position, and reduces manual efforts on screening, evaluating, scrutinizing, communicating, and professional training one, is an ideal Talent acquisition software. 

Usually, the companies with a larger workforce deploy such acquisition software or hire responsive erp solution providers because they already have expanded their wings wider enough to now cover people from across the globe and not just from their vicinity. When it comes to global talent search, such software acts as a savior.

Not just by helping in managing the new employees or positional appointments, it also keeps the knowledge transferred by the employee who left the position and accommodates the upcoming one.

Make sure before deploying such software that you even need that or not? Such software expects a larger requirement of the database, and so for the positions within the organization to fill from different diaspora across the globe.