Laptops have taken over the Desktops, in terms of sale, a little over a decade ago. And there are a lot of factors contributing to this result, which is not surprising at all. And the gap will be even wider in a few years. 

Declining sales of Desktops doesn’t mean they are not suitable or you shouldn’t buy them. Laptops are better in terms of many modern things, but Desktops have their own advantage. 

And, we will explore the Pros and Cons of Laptops and Desktops in this article. 

So, let’s get this battle of Laptop vs. Desktop started. 

Pros and Cons of Laptops 


Well, if you use your computer out of your comfort zone or outdoors, getting a laptop is the best choice. And many people buy laptops for their size and portability. 

If you only use it within the house, by the table or sofa, you are better served with a Desktop. It will offer much better support than a simple laptop you will ever buy within the same price category. 

Fixed Hardware

If you are thinking of buying a laptop, you are stuck with the same hardware it will come with. You will never be able to change things like screen, ports, trackpad, ports, and speakers ever. If you want to upgrade or modify one of these hardware parts, you are better off with the Desktop PC. 

Graphics and Power

Most laptops don’t come with standalone graphics, and they use integrated graphics. The graphics share the same chip as the CPU and share its memory. And if you want to get extra graphics, you will have to spend extra bucks. 

And one of the things you need to consider is power; laptops use less power than Desktops. You will be able to save a lot on the electricity bill if you buy a laptop. And more importantly, laptops have a battery that can be used for a long time. 

Pros and Cons of Desktops


In this bout of Laptop for girls vs. Desktop battle, Desktops wins by a big margin. Desktop machines are available with much higher specifications than most of the laptops you will find on the market. With more internal space, it can run things with a bit higher clock and cooler temperature. 

No Reviews

One of the drawbacks of the Desktops is that there are no reviews available in the market. And when you are about to spend a lot of cash on such a machine, you would want to research a bit before buying it. 

Well, most of the Desktop computers don’t have reviews available online. It is not about the big companies; it is about the rigs you can get from local shops in your neighborhood. And lack of insights can be a terrible thing for you to buy a machine. 


Well, one of the most significant contributors to the decision to buy a product is pricing. Naturally, pricing would also come into the picture in deciding to buy a Desktop. They are usually cheaper than Laptops of similar configurations. In simple words, you will get more for the money you are putting in it. Desktops can outperform their counterpart laptops in every department of a similar price segment. 

DIY Approach

And the best part about the Desktops is that you can buy standalone components and build your own without any hassle. You can research the parts you like and then order them online. You can use your local computer shop to assemble all those components without any hassle. Or do it yourself, but that would take a lot of time if you are not familiar with it.