Wondering how you can improve the ranking of a website in the organic listings? To improve your search engine optimization strategy (SEO) for your law firm, there are different measures that you can take to improve your content marketing. Here is a seven-step guide to making your firm rank well in organic listings.

1. Understand the Google Algorithm

You need to understand the way Google ranks different websites on their search engine results pages (SERPs) if you want to increase your firm’s organic traffic. Google offers updates and changes to the algorithms that it uses to rank websites. You should constantly check for these updates to keep pace with the new steps for ranking your site. Google announces major changes to its algorithms that play a critical role in ranking different sites. Knowledge of the algorithms used to rank websites helps you to make vital changes to your site.

2. Keyword Research

You need to understand how search engines use keywords to achieve a better organic ranking for a law firm’s website. You should use different keyword ideas and try to come up with something that can make your firm stand out from the rest. It takes time to develop a successful SEO strategy, but with a legal SEO guide, you will realize that everything is possible and the results will transpire eventually. It is vital to learn how the audience finds your website to create unique keywords. These unique keywords you create should inspire confidence among the audience since they need to build interest before trying the product.

3. Check the Competition

Another important aspect that can help you improve the ranking of your site is that you should know the competition that exists. When you choose a keyword, try to look for it on Google to see what other competitors are already doing. You need to check the type of content and businesses that are ranking. It is crucial to differentiate your business to improve your ranking. Try to spy on your competitors to do better in terms of the performance and ranking of your site.

4. Relevance of Your Content

You must know that quality content significantly helps improve the ranking of your site. If the reader finds quality information on your site, they will keep reading. Google will be monitoring if the visitors interact more with your pages. The length of your content also plays a role in informing Google about your page. For instance, your landing pages should have at least 500 to 1,000 words or more. Make sure that your content is relevant and helps the visitors solve their problems. You should add information about your firm that helps the search engine results pages understand your business.

5. Know Your Current Ranking

You should understand your firm’s current ranking first before you take measures to improve it. Google uses several algorithms to determine the rank of each website. You must check the major algorithm updates and avoid activities that can lead to penalties. Keep pace with all the updates offered by Google to ensure that you know exactly where you want to go. If you do not know your ranking, it might be challenging to set realistic goals.

6. How do You Present Your Content

There are different methods that you can consider to present the content you want to rank for the preferred keyword. You can use different paths to rank for your keywords like a blog post, an article, an infographic, or an authoritative guide. You can also use a video or product page to present your information to the visitors. Make sure you have sufficient resources and budget to create quality content. A blog post is vital since it provides the visitors with the information they may need to solve their problems.

7. Ensure Your Site is Mobile Optimized

Almost half of the website searches come from mobile devices which means that your site should be mobile optimized if you want to rank well on organic listings. Any content that is not accessible on mobile devices may not rank well. If the site is difficult to navigate, its ranking will significantly suffer. Make sure that the website is user-friendly and it helps the visitors get the information they are looking for without major challenges. Use buttons that are easy to tap and make the pages responsive. Pop-ups can annoy visitors, so you should use them sparingly.

If you want to improve the ranking of your firms’ website, there are different steps that you can take. The ranking of your site plays a crucial role in attracting visitors if it appears on top of search engine results pages. With these tips in mind, you can improve the performance of your website on different search engine results pages particularly Google.