Many small businesses are able to make a name for themselves without relying too heavily on
technology. There are still hundreds of mom-and-pop shops, family-owned restaurants, shops and
service businesses that have existed for decades in their communities. But times are changing fast, and
the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on business will continue to play a large role on consumers’
expectations and varying needs. To give your business the cutting edge it needs to embrace the future
competition, here are four major technology and marketing trends to adopt in the coming year. Choose the best marketing agency to grow your business.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers exist on nearly every platform and in every niche. They offer businesses a chance to leverage
the loyalty of a content creator to bring more customers to their brand. Influencers also help add
personality to a company’s existing online presence. They are able to connect with potential customers
in a way that professional entities simply can’t. Incorporating them into your marketing strategy takes
work, especially if you currently lack a decent social media presence.

Set aside a good budget to not only pay influencers for their posts but also redesign your website and
social media pages. It’s best to have a lump sum of money set aside for advertising expenses. You may
borrow a loan, allocate a portion of your profit each month or even bootstrap it by selling your life
insurance. You can cash in your policy to fund business endeavors more easily than you think. You can
use an online guide that will tell you everything you need to know.

Chatbots for 24-Hour Customer Support

Because so many people now shop almost exclusively online, they have greater expectations for
customer support and availability. While you may not be open 24-hours a day, you can still help anyone
who lands on your page get immediate assistance with a chatbot. This is one tech trend that can make
life easier for an entrepreneur
because you do not have to be worried about customer satisfaction being
affected by traditional business hours. The best part about chatbots is that you can personalize them as
much as you like. It’s easy to make their own demeanor match your company’s personality and voice.

Video Advertising

Video marketing will continue to be the dominant medium in 2022 for every industry. Many small
businesses often rely on social media posts, Google Ads, or word-of-mouth referrals to get new
, which are all great. However, you should add video into the mix if you want to modernize
your business and reach more people. Consumers trust brands that make video content more, and it
helps you personalize your offerings in ways static ads simply can’t. Video is getting so popular that
Google even incorporates clips into search results, so you can integrate your content into your existing SEO strategy.

Automated Technology

Whether it’s through AI or simply convenient software, automation helps business owners streamline
their operations and maximize their efficiency. You can queue up social media posts to run for an entire
month, have an AI manage your inventory, or let a system handle incoming orders and delivery statuses.
You might not think you need AI as a small business, but the technology is becoming more dynamic and
inclusive. Everything from cybersecurity AI to lead management and customer satisfaction can be
improved with the help of artificial intelligence.