To make your SEO strategies effective enough for your company, you will need to measure and monitor the right KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. By using this handy tool to monitor SERP positions, you will know that you are heading in the right direction. The money and time spent on it will drive more profit and that means that your efforts will drive more tangible results. To be able to develop a strategy for the performance of your website, start with tracking the right performance metrics. 

The tips below will guide you on how to apply thoughtful and targeted benchmarks and improve your return on marketing activities. 

Organic Traffic 

Start by measuring the number of users that land on your website through organic results. This is the most important feature when considering the metrics of SEO. The main objective of SEO altogether is to grow the number of visitors that see and visit your website. These metrics are easy to track. With the right analytics tool, you will be able to see the organic session changes in time. You will also discover how it correlates with the total sessions.

Search Rankings

The higher your website will rank for the relevant keywords, the better it is for your business. This is because search ranking directly correlates with SEO. As you get to higher positions in search engine results, you will reach your objectives and goals for traffic, lead, and conversions. The important thing to keep in mind here is to track the rankings of your website with the right keywords. For example, if your website is about shoes and you rank first with the query ‘animal print shoes for people with large feet’ because you have one item as such, then it means that the traffic on your website will not improve much. Use the right tools to search how your position is for different target words. Some tools allow you to merely add your domain, select SERP and import the list of keywords. You can also check the competitor domains through these tools and get reports on how the rankings for the targeted keywords are. 

Search Visibility

When you want to check how often your domain will show in the search result for the keyword you are ranking for then you will need to monitor the search engine visibility. By doing so, you will be able to actively see the positive dynamics before you launch your website for users. By checking the search engine visibility score, many new online business owners can monitor the early results of website optimization. 


Another key metric for SEO is to consider the links. When it comes to ranking, backlinks play a very important role. You should in fact try to revolve most of your SEO-related strategy to it. You do not have to aim at gaining more links that are of low quality but rather focus on those that are of good quality. Poor quality links will not help to enhance your site authority rankings. In some cases, it might even hurt the rankings of your website. Keep a quality score on your link profile. Using the right backlink analysis tool will help you to get the right authority index. 

Branded Traffic

When people search for your website by using your company name, those users come under branded traffic. For people who are focusing on brand awareness, then your primary KPI should be a focus on brand traffic. This type of traffic result is very helpful as it comprises of people who already know what they want and are only searching it through branded keywords. The conversion rate is the highest in this type of traffic result. Use the proper analysis tool and check all the keywords that can be associated with your brand name. Make it a point to check the slightly misspelled ones as well. 

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

To understand the number of users that left your website without taking any action you need to measure the bounce rate. The bounce rate that is above 40 to 60 percent is a red flag and it means that your page is not relevant to the search query. You will have to identify the reasons behind it and try to use different strategies to reduce it. 

Using the above methods, you can track the performance of your business online and take the right steps to ensure that is on the right path.