You are definitely familiar with the game GTA.  This is a phenomenal game that has many different versions and is played by so many people around the world!  It has everything you need!  Cool latest weapons and freedom of action!  It’s fun and cool, which is everything the modern average person needs.  Every connoisseur of games absolutely loves GTA and can spend hours in it!  However, there is another game that may attract general attention.  It’s about Red Dead Redemption!  She is, so to speak, a relative of the cult GTA!  Firstly, they were related by one developer company and this is Rockstar, moreover, their model is also very similar because they both belong to the same genre.

 So, do you like westerns?  I think everyone unanimously said yes.  And I have great news for you.  Red Dead Redemption is just like your favorite movie!  After all, this is a real cowboy game! At the moment, there are two versions of the game, but there is already a rumor about a third, which should be released around 2024.  The wait is still a long time, but now we can be content with what we already have and the time has come to compare both the first and second versions! But first of all, you need to get acquainted with the game closer.  Let’s find out her history.

Her birthday is May 18, 2010.  It belongs to the Red Dead series and its budget is as much as $100 million.  It’s incredible!  Of course, she was awarded an age limit, without this in any way.  All the actions of the game itself take place at the beginning of the last century, that is, more than 100 years ago, and the main character named John Martson was a bandit in the past.  Now he works for state agents who give him assignments. What are these tasks?  How long will the main character work on them?  You’ll only know when you play! 

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But let’s quickly compare the two super-westerns!

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  1. John Marston

In two versions of the same game, this hero is presented in completely different ways, many do not understand this, but it is so.  Red Dead Redemption 1 presents him as a brave and courageous family man, ready to do anything for his family.  But the second version of the game for some reason completely changed it.  An adequate character has turned into some kind of unreasonable person who makes a huge number of mistakes and even acquired such qualities as cowardice and indecision, which causes more and more negative emotions.

At this point, we choose the winner of Red Dead Redemption 1.

  1. Graphics

Here the situation is different, we give the laurels of victory to the side of the later second version.  After all, this is obvious, since it came out much later than the first one, and the external characteristics are already different.  The graphics are much better, better, and more elaborate.  Hurry up and experience it with your own eyes!

  1. Story Submission

Of course, again, Red Dead Redemption 2 overtakes the first version.  because whoever said anything about the second they really got the story itself much richer.  This is manifested in the fact that the developers took into account all aspects of those times, recreating the full entourage, conveying every little detail of a century of history.

  1. Movements

Red Dead Redemption 1 is the winner here.  So many people criticized the second version for the hulking characters.  After all, every movement, whatever it was, was difficult for them. And by the way, slowness concerns not only smooth and monotonous movements but also the very course of the game.  After all, gamers are forced to do a lot of unnecessary research that delays the course of the game.

We evened the scores, wow!  This suggests that both games have their own advantages and disadvantages, and here everyone chooses at their own discretion what is closer to them.

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