Starting your academic journey is difficult without the funds to do so. Many global universities offer full scholarships to local and international students under various circumstances. Some reasons to go study abroad include: 

  • Travel the world and meet new people
  • More lucrative job opportunities abroad
  • Finding a significant other abroad
  • Learning about new languages and cultures

Before giving up on your dreams to go to college, here are the top 2021-2022 scholarships to check out. You only need to find one that suits you, and your university life can begin on the right note.

1. The University of Waterloo, Canada (Canadian and International Students)

The University of Waterloo in Canada offers full and partial scholarships to future students in several categories. Scholarship allocation is based on the faculty board’s decisions on which individuals fill that year’s criteria. 

Four different scholarship programs are available at the University of Waterloo, and all of them have an 80%> admission average. This means you are likely to get it if you choose to study here, and Canada is a great place to start a new life.

2. Fulbright Foreign Student Program, USA (International Students)

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program for 2021-2022 has opened its doors and is inviting students from around the world to study in the USA. The program is designed to accommodate 4,000 international students each year, with candidates from Africa, Europe, Asia, and other locations already participating. 

If you choose to study in the USA, you should also get accustomed to how frequent essay writing and college papers are. You can get a college essay for sale either for admission purposes or later on when you are short on time and need help writing. This program represents a great opportunity for international students and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

3. Macquarie University, Australia (International Students)

The Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship provides students with up to $10,000 for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the aforementioned university. Science, technology, and engineering students are welcome to apply for the scholarship, granted that they speak fluent English. 

Australia is a wonderful place for you to spend your academic years, and you might even get a job opportunity down the line and stay. You can even attend postgraduate and doctoral programs in other Australian universities after graduation. The scholarship is popular and hundreds of students seek it yearly – don’t waste a moment and apply!

4. Rhodes Global Scholarships, UK (International Students)

The Rhodes Global Scholarship program is the oldest in the UK and is centered on enabling international students to study at the University of Oxford. The program assigns 100 scholarships a year at the value of £15,900 per student. This program is for postgraduate studies only, but it is very lucrative regardless of what you’ve previously studied. 

You can apply by writing a motivational letter about your previous academic accomplishments and passing the legal documentation screening process. Using the best plagiarism checker for students on your application letter or essay is a great idea to avoid any misunderstanding with the board. The program, while competitive, can change your life for the better if you are found eligible for the scholarship.

5. Bell Fellowship for International Scholars, USA (International Students)

If you are looking for postgraduate and postdoctoral scholarships, the Bell Fellowship for International Scholars is available at Harvard University. Scholarships are awarded for social studies, workplace development, environmental and health development, and aging society research papers and thesis. 

These scholarships are fully funded, meaning that Harvard University will cover all of your study expenses without exception. Student candidates are expected to poses leadership skills and can work independently on their research studies. This is a very good opportunity for graduates who want to continue their academic journey in the USA but lack the funds to do so.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, you don’t need to be a highly-awarded student to get a great scholarship for university studies. With some patience and persistence, you can apply for multiple universities and their scholarships and settle for the best one. Don’t give up on your wishes to go to college and explore university options for your top scholarship opportunities for 2021-2022.