Professional wedding videographers are in high demand because this is one day in the life of a couple that they will want to remember always. Videos of the events leading up to the day, culminating in the wedding and reception can be compiled into a video montage, a video storybook to be cherished always. It’s something to look back on with their children and grandchildren through the years.

However, having a passion for videography might be a good place to start but is that going to get you gigs shooting weddings in a prosperous exurb of Saint Louis like Troy, Missouri? You will probably need a whole lot more than a love of being behind the camera if you want to be successful with getting those high-dollar jobs. If you intend to set up your wedding videographer service from home, these are the basics.


If you are just starting out, you probably only have a handful of references you can provide to prospective clients. Those are important and as you shoot more and more weddings, your references will grow. With that said, the minimum credential prospective clients will be looking for would be a degree in video production which you can get online from universities like Harvard, Johns Hopkins or Stanford.

You will need a bare minimum of an associate degree, but a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Journalism or Photography would be preferable. In fact, you can even study while building your home-based business, gathering clients as you progress. Don’t be shy about posting your educational accomplishments as you earn them on the website you have built for your new business.

Dedicated Office Space

If you live alone, this shouldn’t be a problem. Even so, you will want to set up dedicated office space so that you can work with a minimum of distractions. It is vital that you have a computer with a fast GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and a good Troy Missouri internet service with high-speed fiber optics. This is necessary because of the upload and download speeds when sending digital copies to clients for proofing.

It is also important to have your home office set up in such a way as to make it comfortable and professional when meeting with clients in your home. This may be your home, but it is also your place of business, so keep that in mind.

Video Production Equipment

No one knows your profession better than you do, so there really is no way to advise you on what you will need to shoot those amazing wedding videos. These tips are really all about the business end of your new videographer service. You probably have one or more top-of-the-line video cams as well as a handful of digital cams for stills. Along with tripods for handsfree recording, backdrops and lighting, you know what you need. You can always add to your tools of the trade as you begin making money at the home-based wedding videographer service you’ve just launched. This is not to mention all those toys you’ve bought along the way that every videographer dreams of having!

Video Editing Software

Now that you have your ultra-fast computer and a high-speed fiber optics internet connection, you will absolutely need the best video editing software on the market. While Corel VideoStudio and Adobe Premiere Pro are always within the top five, it pays to compare them side by side to see which meets your needs in terms of features and cost.

Some of these programs allow you to download a free trial, but all should be available for digital download of the complete program along with any add-on software you might want at a later date. Always make sure that updates will be offered free of charge so that you don’t end up spending twice what you originally paid.

A Marketing Plan

Going back to our example of starting a wedding videographer service in Troy, MO, you will want a farther reach than this affluent community of just over 12,000 people. This particular exurb is in the Metropolitan Saint Louis Statistical Area, so your reach should include all of the city, suburbs and other exurbs like yours.

It is suggested that you hire a professional marketing group if you can afford even a basic package. They will ensure that your reach extends throughout the entire region you intend to serve. They will use tools like Google Maps, Google Local, and professionally written SEO content to direct traffic to your website, which is also a must for any business in any field and of any size.

It’s All About Exposure

Just as any video or still you shoot is dependent on light exposure, so too is your new wedding videographer service. Don’t forget that the internet is your ‘light’, and this is where you will get the exposure you need to get your business off the ground. Along with the tools and services you will need, that high-speed internet connection and a professionally developed website will give you the exposure you need. This is where your journey begins, but certainly not where it ends! Wishing you the best of luck on your new venture.