The emergence of various services for finding a couple on the Internet was a serious change in dating. Of course, dates appeared before the Internet was widely available. Back in 1965, Harvard students came up with a mechanism for finding a couple. In 1991, the Internet officially became available to everyone and dating sites were launched. By the end of the twentieth century, people were already actively using the Internet for finding love. Now such sites are also very popular, although many people don’t look for serious relationships there, counting only on short affairs. But still, how do modern technologies change our dating?

1. Virtual relationships have replaced real ones because everyone is lazy

Psychologists note that people lose interest in relationships in general. Relationships are a difficult thing. We need to work on them. It’s much easier to register on Tinder or Badoo after work and look for Ukrainian brides for marriage or just flirt with those who are also inclined to friendly communication.

2. When dating online, non-verbal gestures don’t work

80% of information is conveyed through facial expressions, intonation, and gestures. On the Internet, people also try to use various emojis, but this doesn’t add sincerity to communication. You have to learn to read between the lines in order to understand the interlocutor correctly. But this is not always achievable. For example, you may not realize that your girlfriend is offended when you are chatting on the Internet.

3. Searching for a partner by different parameters

Dating services are developing at a rapid pace. In addition to the usual dating based on the swipe principle, there are other interesting applications. One is the French service that will help you find a partner based on your heartbeat. It will work together with a fitness bracelet. You look at photos of potential partners, and the bracelet monitors your heart. Every day, you will be shown a list of people whose hearts beat faster when they see your photo. And of course, your heart rate will also be measured when you look at them. Then you will receive diagrams, compare them, and decide if you want to meet this person.

4. Smart glasses

Many developers still have hopes that virtual reality glasses will make dating interesting. It will be connected to the Internet in real-time. This gadget will help you avoid awkward pauses during dating once and for all. You can customize the glasses so that they give out the latest news on topics of interest to you two or adapt to the conversation, giving you new information. And you already have a lot of topics for communication! Smart glasses will be able to study your partner’s profiles on social media and suggest what he/she would be interested in. And also, the gadget will analyze the gestures and facial expressions of the interlocutor and tell you how the person is feeling right now and how he/she reacts to your words.

5. Robots in us

Developers nowadays implant biological microchips under their skin in order to open the electronic lock of their apartments with one wave of the hand or to pay in a store without using a credit card. Now imagine that such a microchip can determine what mood your partner is in, how excited he/she is, whether he/she likes you, etc. This will make the relationship much easier and help you literally understand each other without words. As for new romantic acquaintances, then such a thing will come in handy sending an electric impulse to passers-by with one movement of our hand, which will let them know that we don’t mind talking.