The bedroom is one of the most special rooms in our homes. This is the space where you get to unwind after a busy day at work without any disruptions. It can easily be described as a safe haven for most of us and should therefore be treated as such. For this particular reason, most people try to make their bedrooms stand out from the rest of the house, mostly through furnishings. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the ways that you can furnish your bedroom to make it outstanding. Read on.

Keep It Simple

Simple bedroom

At times simplicity equals sophistication. When decorating your bedroom, strive to keep everything as simple as it can be. This does not mean that you should go for cheap and substandard decor, no, not at all. In this context, simplicity simply means do not overdo any form of decor in your space. This ensures that the room does not look overly cluttered, hence no chaos. 

Make sure that there is adequate space between your different furniture. For instance, leave at least 3 or more feet between your bed and your dresser. The wardrobe area should also have enough space for moving around. You can also opt for a walk-in wardrobe from OPPOLIA which are both classy and spacious.

Include Different Lighting Options

Lighting Options in Bedroom

It is always a good idea to play around with lighting in your bedroom. You can have ambient lighting that illuminates your whole space and at the same time include other forms of lighting such as small lamps which you can mostly use for reading late in the night. Night lights are also not a bad idea especially if you are one who does not like to sleep in complete darkness. Ensure that each light is adjustable so you can be able to control the amount illuminated. Also, ensure that you have a switch for each so you can be able to light up only the area you want.

Choose Subtle Colors

Subtle Colors in Bedroom

The colors you choose to work with in your bedroom will determine the kind of atmosphere that you will have. As we have already mentioned, the bedroom is a place for relaxation and unwinding. You do not need all those bright and shouting colors in there, so go subtle on your color palette. Choose peaceful shades and a tranquil palette of monochromatic tones instead of harsh primary colors in your bedroom. Rich jewel-toned hues (think: rich emerald or deep pomegranate) help set the sense of coziness and comfort, while gentle tones of blue, lavender, or green are considered tranquil and quiet. In the bedroom, you can also utilize muted versions of your favorite hues, such as blush instead of bright pink or copper instead of tangerine.

Include a Private Corner

Private Corner in Bedroom

You are probably wondering why you still need a private nook in your bedroom when it is already the most private room in the house. However, a private corner in your bedroom provides a secluded area where you can read your favorite book while you sip on your cup of coffee. We have seen many developers putting up bay windows that serve as a separate sitting area that you can use to admire beautiful views from the comfort of your bedroom. You can create your own space right beside your window where you can relax right before you get into bed.

Choose the Best Bed for Your Space

Best Bed

Buying a good-looking bed frame isn’t the only consideration when selecting a bed. Rather, choose a bed frame that is appropriate for your needs. Are you short on storage in your bedroom and could benefit from a divan with built-in drawers, a bed that lifts up to expose concealed storage in the base, or a bed with a storage headboard, for example? Do you really need a king-sized bed frame, or could a double bed save you space?

What about the design of the bed? It should work in harmony with your overall design, but it can also be utilized to dictate it. For example, if you want a streamlined, minimalist appearance with a Scandi edge, choose a basic, white-washed wooden frame; if you want to add a sense of luxury, choose a rich, dark wood frame.


These are just but a few ways in which you can make your bedroom stand out. You can seek the services of an interior designer if you have no knowledge of how to go about the whole process. You can make it your goal this summer season and you will not regret it. Remember to have fun while at it.