Imagine making a cake without mixing the ingredients in the right order. Would you still be able to get a delicious cake if it was made with random mixing? Only if you are pretty lucky, otherwise expect a yucky-tasting cake. The same logic can be applied to so many levels, even at a molecular level. The reason why any life form exists is because of the particular arrangement of atoms in space.

Without there something to coordinate and manage this, nothing would exist. The same principle applies to management in any kind of business or institution. Without managing your assets or employees properly, everything can go the wrong way easily. With this simple guide, you will be able to understand this at a fair level and see the benefits of good management.

It is a profession for a reason

In order to become a good manager, you will need a lot more than just good intuition. There is a reason why management training is sought out and very popular. There is a lot of theory and experience that you need before you can grab the steering wheel of a business. Just like a chief needs to learn the techniques to cook before they start using expensive ingredients. The same way of thinking goes here, would you hire someone who never used a computer to be in your IT department?

The answer is no unless you really want to be stubborn about this one. Good management is learned in order to predict the usual predicaments in which businesses can be found. The theory is very important, so it can be used to counter situations that are bound to happen in a business. You can learn many things from trial and error, but why waste time on that approach? We as humans would be nowhere near where we are now if we had to learn everything again and again.


In an ideal world, everyone knows what they need to do and how to do that certain thing. In an ideal world, everything just happens to fit perfectly like a puzzle piecing itself. This in other words is called anarchy, an ideal where there is no need to govern anything because people know what to do. It is called ideal because it only exists in ideal situations, in real situations you need some sort of governance.

Good management is there to keep everything in order, like the chief that was mentioned earlier. Imagine driving in a city where there are no traffic laws, they do not exist. Everyone who drives relies solely on their own intuition on how it is done in the grand scheme. Would you drive in such a city without traffic laws? Again, ideally, everyone would know what to do, but try to take a few seconds to think about it. This can not exist in the real world, where some kind of order is needed and provided.

The benefits

The stats show that companies with higher management scores tend to be a lot more successful. This stat can not be a matter of coincidence and can be proven with facts and logic. Better management leads to better people resourcing. People work better once coordinated, and thus bring more benefit than if they worked chaotically. People like to work efficiently and in well-coordinated teams. They like doing it that way, so they can save time and not have to do everything themselves.

Better project managing leads to time spent in a more effective way. More time not wasted on accidents that could have been avoided leads to more effective time. Managed projects can be done much quicker and stress-free than just winging them. Better management leads to avoiding financial mistakes that otherwise you would have to figure out yourself. Even if having management is an investment, it is much more worth than losing money on failures.

Of course, no one likes to be talked about how they need to do their own job. It is totally understandable to be a bit skeptical of management at a first glance. But, most of the professionals already know this fact and how to approach people in a normal manner. Unfortunately, there will always be some people who will never get it, but there are many of them who get it.

It is important to find such people who are crucial for a business to run like clockwork. Working in such good conditions is something that should be the norm and not a luxury. It is very important that people fund management that actually works and brings the order a company needs. The world keeps changing, and it is important that we make these changes only positive from our past experiences.