Conducting qualitative market research is crucial for any business, including startups. Any business is full of discussions, meetings, conferences, and phone calls. Using transcription services is really helpful and time-saving in this case since they help you cope with tons of information at a time.

Researchers must not only collect but also analyze data. The best way is to have this data right in front of them, so they could access them quickly and easily. Top-notch market research transcription services will definitely facilitate the process and boost the success of your business.

Find out all the perks of reliable transcription for your startup or business marketing research right now. Choose the best services for your needs and expectations and enjoy all benefits they can offer.

1. Facilitate market research interviews

Marketers must know their customers. Interviewing your users is the best way to learn how they feel about your product, what they like or dislike, and what needs to be improved. It’s not really difficult to conduct an interview. However, you must still analyze their responses. This is where the challenges start.

Having tons of audio and/or video files to listen to or view is a sort of a nightmare. First of all, it is not that easy to find those files. It is necessary to browse all the files and find valuable information. Additionally, you must catch difficult words. It is a time-consuming process and isn’t really very efficient.

You can simply have a video transcription and have all of your files in order and see the speech of the users in front of you. Even though the transcription may not be 100% accurate, it will deliver 95% accuracy in most cases, and you will see a clear speech without background noises. There is no necessity to sit and figure out whether you understood the words properly.

You receive tons of valuable information that will be helpful for your business within the shortest time frame. Time is really precious, especially when it comes to marketing. If you can save days thanks to a transcription company, why not use this chance then?

2. SEO and content creation

Creating content and optimizing it for search engines is important. This is what marketers do, actually. If you transcribe audio text, you may forget about creating new content. You don’t need to create another volume of content for your blog or website. All you should do is transcribe an existing interview, video, or audio, etc. and post it on your website or blog.

This is an automated SEO tool that saves you time and money. Moreover, it brings its results immediately. All of this improves the visibility of your website, blog, or transcript. You don’t need to waste money paying SEO managers. The opportunities are endless.

If you have a podcast, you are the luckiest person ever because you can boost your searchability, visibility, and usability just by transcribing your video and audio files. The same will work with your website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. 

3. Boost your target consumers

Are you trying to conduct market research to find out how to attract more users/customers/consumers? Stop wracking your brains and just hire a transcription service. Have you thought about users having hearing problems or just being deaf? Yes, there are tons of such potential users in the USA, as well as around the world.

Unfortunately, those people cannot hear your audio content, and they do not watch your videos if those do not contain subtitles. By making them read everything said in your YouTube channel or podcast, you will have loyal users forever.

Transcribe your content and make people who cannot listen to it come to your blog, channel, or podcast and enjoy the information you broadcast. You should have no doubts that you don’t even need to conduct market research to attract those audiences. They will be thankful and remain with you forever.

4. Focus groups transcribing

Focus groups are the best ways to know what your customers really think, no matter whether you collect data about the brand, product, or solid marketing. Arranging individual responses from members is still challenging, though. You can transcribe those interviews manually, but it will take the lion’s share of your time. 

Doing it automatically by a professional who has the necessary skills, experience, and equipment is much easier and faster. You will have all the necessary files just within the shortest time frame. You can conduct your research much more efficiently this way.

There are even transcription apps that allow you to record focus groups ‘ interviews with transcriptions right on your iPhone. You are sure that all marketing research data is collected in searchable text. Now, you can analyze it and distribute it successfully. 

5. Diversify your content

Any audience strives for variety. Transcribe your audio to text and satisfy your users by giving them what they need and want. Although your audience gets the most valuable and top-notch content from you, people tend to get bored when they don’t see any diversity. 

As a good marketer, you must not only create valuable content but also keep your audience interested and intrigued by your product. This brings wonderful results. Your users will want to hear from you always, and isn’t that what you really need?

When people are excited to see, hear, or view what you can offer, this is the highest success of your brand. First of all, you boost the engagement of your audience. Secondly, you increase your sales. Your target users must see not only sales but also constant special offers, promotions, and giveaways. They are eager to participate in all this.

Effective content marketing is about diversifying your content and keeping your audience interested and engaged always. Don’t let your loyal users get bored with you. Otherwise, your business is condemned. Getting your audience back will not be easy. 

You can not only engage your users through your voice recordings or podcasts but let your business benefit from the increased engagement thanks to text content in your blog or podcast. Transcription will allow you to make your content varied. Naturally, this boosts the growth of your business. 

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