In this modern era of new technology development, everything has gone online that has quite enabled people to meet and connect people across the world. The great example we have of virtual things going on online is from the last six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this shift of virtual work, there comes the necessity for the project management professionals PMP to rethink their leadership, team, communication, and collaborations as well. Now, the question arises for all the project managers that how can they handle and take the work from the teams virtually with the help of PMP certification.

About project management teams:

The remote work was done on a daily basis before the occurrence of the pandemic. That helps all the people of all the sectors of project management to connect with teams around the globe. But now, virtual work has become the new normal for all the employees of the virtual team.

Project managers are sure to pay attention and give issues clearance by establishing the right incentives and giving positive and motivational feedback to take more work from them. So, in this way, a digital transformation helps the people or the employees to do more work with interest.

Talking about the high-performing teams, it includes a group of people having clearly defined roles and responsibilities, complementary talents, and skills that are aligned and committed to a common goal for innovative results. 

The aim of the teams is not to diminish a digital transformation but to reshape the notion of the workplace and to get the work done on time. However, nowadays, the digital leadership role is becoming more in demand because of the diverse workforce, freelancers, partners, and work from home thing.

Certain characteristics need to be adopted by the company or the organization for high-performing teams in this digital age. The characteristics include:

  1. Open and Clear Communication:

In any of the work, communication is the key to getting your work done. Clear communication leads you to success within a shorter time with lots of new opportunities. For the project success or the organization to maintain an open-door policy is the challenge in the modern virtual workplace.

There are multiple works, such as making a call, handling multiple notifications and meetings, taking a call on productivity is very difficult. For this difficulty, high-performance virtual teams give various ground rules for communicative production without any social interactions. 

Certain points like creating a water-cool session, stress-free hours, engage people on a personal level to explain more about the project while keeping the other team focused on a formal meeting to get the work done. These all require clear communication, so maintaining it is very essential.

  1. Solid Infrastructure:

Virtual work makes people less connected with other teams. But connecting virtually is necessary for the team to know their roles and responsibilities just like they have in their physical workplace during remote work. Listening and attending meetings helps to have more ideas and grow solid infrastructure accordingly. 

Many too many interactions do not bring correct results. It will be just a waste of time and causes distractions. So, the team leader must define team methodologies, topologies, boundaries, and interfaces to create a solid team infrastructure for the success of the project.

  1. Have a positive atmosphere:

The employees having a habit of remote work does not settle easily for virtual teamwork. For them working from home is not an easy task. All their trust, motivation, and well-being are deeply affected by remote control teamwork.

Virtual teamwork may bring the ability to do something more extending and expanding if they get proper guidance and motivation. They can get this only through strong leadership and clear communication.

Now, let’s see how virtual teamwork helps a project manager and the organization to meet the set target.

Benefits of Virtual Teamwork:  

Effective and successful teamwork achieves more than any individual can. The team needs to be creative with more different ideas. And this needs to have a certain set of people with a different mindset for working together.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay home, everyone started working from home. And this has turned out as a benefit for many of the organizations of having a virtual team.

  1. Saves lots of money:

Before, when the remote team were working, they were bearing a lot of expense such as,

  • Utilities
  • Workspace
  • Equipment
  • Transportation and much more

But having virtual teamwork, lots of things are saved, increased, and limited upon which the organization does not have to spend on, such as,

  • Office rent
  • Utility for electronics and Wi-Fi
  • Use of technical gadgets like telephone and computers
  • And more on the breakfast, beverages like tea and coffee for the working employees. 

Remote workers also save a lot of money by not communicating much, their daily transport, and other expenses like office clothes and daily mid-day meals. 

  1. Team members get a better work-life balance:

Let’s be frank, no one likes to be stuck in an office with your strict stressing boss and doing the work with lots of effort. Why waste your energy by dealing with this type of boss the whole day in the office? Since working from home does not let you connect more, you can do your work freely by getting more time for yourself too.

Now, virtually, you can maintain your office time and can also give your precious time to your family and children. This is the time when everything settles and you are happier and more satisfied than before.

  1. Easily scale your productivity:

Everyone wants to grow their business, right? And for growing more, you and your employees need more talent. Virtual teams help you to grow your workforce as all they need is a streamlined onboarding process and the right remote operating and work handling software.

Ordering them to complete the work manually and keeping track of the work will also help. This way, you can grow your teamwork and production quickly.

Thus, in this way, virtual teamwork can make a dream work come true.