When potential client is looking for your brand on the web, they expect to come across a website that will provide all the required info. And if your website doesn’t exist, then your brand is dead for many potential customers. Well, it may sound a bit harsh, but the real world is not a rainbow with unicorns. If you want to be successful in the modern market, you should meet its requirements and expectations. People are used to searching for every trifle on the Internet, whether about the horoscope, latest digital trends, or a bestessay review. So, make sure your potential clients will be able to run into your brand on the Internet and find all necessary info. Starting a new website or redesigning an old one can be an interesting and exciting moment. You can turn to professional website development services from ubrik.com to get a site that will meet the latest trends and the boldest expectations of designs. However, if you run a business, that may not be enough. It is your calling card, so you should know exactly how you see it.  

1. Optimize your website load speeds

First impressions are half the battle, and your website should be as strong and attractive as your business. If a potential client visits your website and runs into the ill-fitting design and slow load speed, they will leave it faster than you take the floor. Statistics say that about 80% of web users evaluate your brand’s credibility based only on your website design. And if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you lose about 24% of potential clients. Modern people don’t want to waste their time on such a service, while many e-commerce companies don’t invest enough time and money into the improvement of their “calling cards.” Thus, you shouldn’t overload your website with photos and complicated graphics. Use such elements smartly not to prolong load time. The latter should remain a top priority.

2. Engage with existing clients with remarketing ads

It is more profitable to sell to existing clients than it is to attract new ones. It is worth focusing some of your marketing endeavors on achieving repeat sales from your present clients. Pay special attention to remarketing advertisements and email campaigns. For example, Google works so that people who have already looked for your brand or services will get remarketing advertisements since they are the target audience. And a catchy ad design in line with your visual brand will help your business be a household name. Moreover, emails are still a great way to stay in touch with your clients, especially those who opt for online shopping. Encourage them to visit your website from time to time.

3. Optimize your website design for mobile access

While it was optional to create a mobile-friendly website design back in day, it is a must today. Statistics show that the number of users who use their smartphones to access the web has increased dramatically in recent years. And it is especially true for millennials and further generations. So, if you want your website to meet all the modern world requirements, it must be optimized for smartphone users. It is especially important to create a responsive website that will visually adjust to any device and be user-friendly.

4. Benefit from the landing page

If you are going to create a business website to gain some profit, you should pay special attention to the landing page. It represents a website page dedicated to a single offer or product. Its main goal is to turn a user into a client, so every element is devoted to a specific call to action. Some entrepreneurs even create a landing page for a particular target audience. When users search for your service online, they will be redirected to a webpage that meets their expectations and needs. Creating a landing page, you should avoid distractions and present a clear call to action that will encourage your clients to make a purchase or order your services.

5. Restore left shopping carts to increase sales

When it comes to an eCommerce store, a shopping cart is the latest barrier between a potential client and a sale. And neglected shopping carts are common in the online world – people add various items to their shopping cart and disappear for multiple reasons. It can be about an overvalued shipping cost, a weird check-out procedure, or a person who has just used the cart as storage to purchase later. And a well-thought-out design can become a magic wand that turns these neglected shopping carts into real sales. Thus, make sure it doesn’t take much time and effort to complete a purchase, and the whole process is not buggy or slow. Modern users don’t want to waste their time on confusing stuff, so make sure to create a smart and user-friendly design. 

6. Provide social proof

People want to use already checked services that have got some reviews. For example, students who are looking for a reliable writing service always examine an unemployed professor’s review and alike to choose the best option. Thus, when creating your website design, make sure to leave some space for client testimonials and reviews. When people run into positive feedback, it inspires them to repeat their experience. Besides, a wonderful way of demonstrating social proof is to present a “best-sellers” section since many people don’t have a clear idea of what they are searching for.
The easiest way to start utilizing social proof is to put your existing reviews on display on your landing page. You can do this by implementing a Google review widget.