The Internet has been so tightly integrated with our life that it changed many aspects of it dramatically, including the educational system. Nowadays, every student has access to the network, and, after the global pandemic times, a full-fledged opportunity to study remotely. And this is not just about courses or extracurricular activities, but a full-fledged education for kids implying language, arts, social studies, science, and even math. 

This article aims to help you compare all the pros and cons of math lessons online and offline to choose the most effective method for your child. 

Advantages of Online Math for Kids

Today’s pace of life requires new solutions, and online education is one of them. Check the key reasons why your kid may want to stick to online math classes.


In-person activities may be quite limiting in terms of time and distance. Imagine that math lessons conducted by a decent tutor are carried out a dozen miles away from your home or your kid’s school. Or slots to book are available at a time your kid is least eager to study.

Learning math for kids online is unlikely to cause any of the above problems as you are free to select an online platform, discuss the appropriate slots with the potential tutor, and avoid a huge waste of time in traffic or trying to find a free parking spot. You are saving both your time and your mental health. 


The safety of your kid is a top priority. But what if you are a full-time employee or available slots simply don’t work for your schedule and you cannot accompany your little student to their offline classes? In this case, online math help for kids is a perfect solution. Your child will be studying from the comfort of their own home and you will not be concerned about their safety and security. 

Supervision and full trust

Online math classes give you total freedom of supervising the educational process of your kid. Brighterly math tutoring website offers not only a possibility to be present at the online sessions but also take advantage of a free-of-charge demo lesson to analyze the educational process and make a decision regarding the future steps with a certain tutor. 

Don’t waste your money on a tutor who may appear not to be a good fit for your future math genius and make sure your kid enjoys all aspects of online math classes starting from atmosphere and communication and ending with the syllabus. 

Interactive approach

Let’s be honest – online math classes can be way more interesting than offline ones. The main reason is the abundance of online interactive tools a tutor can use for the online class. Proper implementation of these tools within the online session requires less time and effort and can turn even the hardest lesson into an exciting math adventure. 

Disadvantages of Online Math for Kids

No matter how many pros online math classes may have, there is always a fly in the ointment. What cons of online math education can your kid face? Let’s take a closer look at them:

No group activity

The educational process held in groups is always more exciting and dynamic. Online classes, however, imply an individual 1-to-1 approach, which is why your child may feel a lack of communication when studying at home. This can be successfully compensated by school time or group work during extracurricular activities. After all, when choosing online lessons, we are seeking an individual approach, not a group play.  

Too much time spent on the computer

Times of hide-and-seek and tag games have vanished into oblivion – nowadays, kids prefer playing and communicating online even having their friends in a neighborhood. Online games and social networks suck away kids’ time and attention as nothing else in the world. Add here a few extra hours of online lessons and you will get a kid who is hardly present in the real world.

To avoid this, make sure your child spends enough time outdoors and communicates with their mates offline rather than online. 

To Wrap Up

Although online math classes can cover the same material as offline ones, they appear to be on a tide taking into account the rapid life pace of the XXI century. First off, it happens due to the higher flexibility online tutoring ensures. Second, you and your kid can save a decent amount of time that would otherwise be spent on traffic. 

Online communication cannot be compared to live one, but with modern online tools, it has all chances to get as close to offline interaction as possible with a pleasant bonus of safety, comfort, and time saved.