After passing matriculation, the most important question of the students is which subject is best after 10th class? Though, there are several options you get after completing it but students become so confused about that. As a result, sometimes they select a course without any prior knowledge about it. Sometimes they select the one that is advised by their siblings or friends. But this is not a fair way to do it. Before choosing any specific subject, you need to have an understanding like what are the subjects of this course? what is the scope of this course after Intermediate? Is this study worth it? Do I have any interest in these subjects? For this, I will help you to choose the right to provide the complete car solution

Choosing the Right Subject:

Every student has his/her own mindset. For instance, if a student is good in Maths, he may have some issues in chemistry or physics. So, selecting a course at this stage is important because in the future, you have to study it in detail with more comprehensive concepts. Following are some important courses you can select after the 10th.

Science Education:

In this section, the subjects related to science like biology, Maths, chemistry, computer, and physics are studied. There is a different type of combinations that you can study as described below.

  • Pre-Medical:

With the combination of subjects including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, you can choose this subject if you have the mindset of studying medical after Intermediate. The top fields after Inter related to this course are MBBS, BDS, Pharm D, and Health Sciences.

  • Pre-Engineering: 

Subjects like Maths, Chemistry, and Physics make this field that you can choose after 10th. For studying engineering programs, this degree is mandatory. 

  • Introduction to Computer Science (ICS):

For students who want to study computer-related fields, can select three types of combinations at the Intermediate level: 

  1. Computer Science, Maths, Physics
  2. Computer Science, Maths, Statistics
  3. Computer Science, Maths, Economics

Commerce Education:

Students who like to study business-related subjects have the opportunity to study ICOM after the 10th. There is a single combination in which you study different subjects in 1st and 2nd years. The subject combination is given below:

1st Year: Economics, Accounting, Business Maths, Commerce

2nd Year: Banking, Accounting, Geography, Statistics

The future of ICOM consists of fields including BBA, B.Com, CA, Accounting & Finance, Economics, and many more

Arts & Humanities Education: 

After the 10th class, you can choose to study Arts with different Fine Arts subjects. This degree is called FA and there are several combinations you can select for it. 

There are three groups of subjects and you have to choose one subject from each group.

Group A: Economics, Arabic, Education, Persian, English Literature, Urdu Literature 

Group B: Statistics, History of Islam, Geography, Psychology, Civics, Philosophy

Group C: Mathematics, Home Economics, Islamic Studies, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Sociology, Computer Science

With this course, you can go for several fields like BA, LLB, Education, Commerce, BBA, CSS Test, and Diploma courses.

Vocational Training Courses:

If you want to go for practical courses to learn technical work, then vocational training courses is the best choice. The duration of these courses ranges from less than one year to more than 1 year up to 3 years or maybe more. Some top vocational training courses are:

  • Paramedical training: 

It includes courses like Physiotherapy Technician, Medical Lab Technology, and Ophthalmic Technician. You can complete any of these courses in 2 years. 

  • Commerce Courses:

These courses include Accountancy & taxation, Marketing & Salesmanship, and Office Assistantship. You can complete this course and can have a grip on these fields.

  • Hospitality Courses:

The courses like Food & Beverage Services, Bakery & Confectionary, and HouseKeeping are the top chart courses under this umbrella.

  • Engineering Training: 

The courses like Auto shop repair and practice, electrical appliances, machines, and electronics are known as the top training.

  • Other Options:

There are a number of other options. You can go for computer courses, food, tourism and hotel management, accounts, fashion, medical courses, and many others. Through these courses, you can get jobs easily because, with different skills, you can meet the demand of the market. 
So, this is all about which subject is best after 10th class? Hopefully, you are now well aware of all the options available for you after the 10th class. Choose one wisely.