Terms used to describe the quality of water seem funny and even counterintuitive from the outside. Heavy water is radioactive, soft water is low on minerals, and spring water is often effervescent.

Getting quality water is a complex process, but a worthwhile one. Something as simple as a hard water shower filter reduces the bacterial build-up on your skin.

You might think that more elements in water would do a better job of scrubbing something off, after all a pressure washer certainly hits harder than a regular hose. Those extra elements feed bacteria, attach to other elements, and leave behind residues.

Filtering them out is a serious must combatted by serious tech.

The Hard Water Conundrum

A certain amount of minerals within water make for superior water. that is part of why fluoridation even exists, areas with naturally fluoridated water produced healthier populations.

In other places, heavy metals in the water created illness. The transportation of water in the Roman aqueducts was a great idea until the lead used in the pipes made it less good of an idea.

Traditional water softener technology uses copious amounts of salt to filter elements out of water. This is effective because it is an unnuanced, brute-force solution. In the Environnement, sodium deposits produce natural filtering for underground aquifers.

The problem your house doesn’t have miles of riverbed to slowly shed that added sodium so you need filters on taps to remove the salt before you ingest it. One filter becomes two.

Today, the quality of water entering a house is safe, depending on the municipality, but safe doesn’t mean quality. For that, you need to consider what the water is used for. For example, cleaning up in a house with softer water takes a lot less scrubbing and chemicals.

Hard Water Shower Filter

For the water you wash with, quality means water that aids in cleaning without creating other issues.

Sodium from traditional water softeners dries out skin and leads to leaching of nutrients in hair.

Heavy water in the shower can contain residues that irritate skin, bleach hair, and provide growth mediums for bacteria.

Getting your hands on this salt free water softener provides a balance of quality without degrading water in the other direction.

Hard water in the shower doesn’t create problems immediately. It may take months to years to feel the effects adding up. Children tend to be both faster healers and more sensitive to pollutants.

If your water is having an issue you are likely to see it crop up in complaints from the kids first before you notice your own skin and hair suffering.

Think (and Live) Clearly

While you have a lot of options to select the right hard water shower filter, you need to keep in mind what matters to you most.

The quest for soft water in the shower needs to be balanced by the quality of water in your drinking taps as well.

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