The debates on climate change are centering around every diplomatic meeting nowadays. The main focus has been shifted to bringing climate changes to the centre of every economic and political policy. Moreover, the recent IPCC report has given a clear red warning to world leaders about why the current climate situation is a sign of worry that we can not afford to ignore. Nevertheless, if you’re a student, the environment and climate question must have popped up several times for essay writing themes. And, if you are also struggling with essay writing services and need help, you can try searching for the best essay writing service UK. And if you’re all set to embark on the journey of essay writing, here are some tricks and tips to help you excel in your essay writing assignment.

Give a Good Introduction to Your Topic

Every paragraph holds significance, and the opening is the first, has to be written in a well informative, simple and engaging manner. First, introduce what environment or climate means for any environment or climate-related topic. For this, add factual information from recent news of reports and compile it into a way that delivers the purpose. You can start with a brief description of how anthropogenic activities harm the environment and negatively impact the environment.

The Body Should Answer The Questions And Suggest Solutions

Every essay has a primary component, that is, the body. The body paragraph must contain all the necessary details regarding the issue and how it affects current and future generations. You can begin by elaborating on the concept of climate change and then, later on, add examples. Take the pollution essay. Start by elaborating on pollution, then briefly relate it to people. In the end, add some examples that show your understanding of the topic. 

Suggest Conclusion

The conclusion is the paragraph that makes the reader think about what, how, and why he must believe or do what he needs to do. You can start by concluding the impact climate change has on us, which is getting multiplied every next day. Then you can provide some solutions for them to act. Or, you can make them think by asking questions like ‘if not now, then when. These statements make readers think, act and react as they feel the responsibility is on their shoulders.

Key Themes in Climate Change Essays

After getting a brief input about the format of essay writing, it is time you frame a question or find the area on which your essay will shed light. Here are some examples you can take up:

  • The consequence of climate change on agriculture
  • How to solve the problem of imbalance in the environment?
  • What impact does climate change have on indigenous communities?
  • How is nature suffering in the hands of humans?


Writing an essay is all about conceptualization, comprehensiveness, and articulation. That’s why many students take help from professionals like the best dissertation writing services uk for writing essays, thesis, dissertation, etc. all in all, students can get a model answer and later on frame their own.