Hire a car online in Dubai is one of the best options if you like driving. And If you have a limited budget and you also want to save your time and money you should go for a hatchback car. These cars are usually available at low rates. You can easily get a hatchback at 50 AED per day or 1200 AED per month with zero commission and no extra charges. Choose your favorite car brand like Toyota, KIA, Nissan, Chevrolet, and much more.

Our services relate to both residents and visitors with limited paperwork. We also have a squad of qualified workers who are always accessible to address all your problems.

The hatchback is the most common body flare B-segmented car.it is also good in fuel consumption and also considered to be the best option for the highway. That’s why renting a hatchback is always a pretty good decision.


*Chevrolet Spark

*KIA Picanto

*Nissan Micra

*Toyota Yaris

*KIA Rio



Chevrolet spark has a great fuel economy and offers more mileage than many of its competitors. It also consists of the best security features. And it includes a large number of infotainments and electric sorts. Spark has a great sound system with six speakers that are spread evenly in the car. Spark has another level of exterior design than other cars. The spark has much more cargo space than you think, and also foldable seats. Visibility while driving a car is something that can play a very important role, so there’s a quite large amount of visibility from both the back and front sides.


The KIA Picanto has some amazing features like auto climate control, split rear seats, touch screen, audio and Bluetooth, and many more which give them a premium look when you sit in it. The compact dimensions of the KIA Picanto make it an excessive city hatchback. Kia caused the cabin of the Picanto to be sensibly large. It also has storage bins, cup holders, a large glove box, and 60:40-split rear seats provide plenty of space. And above all the KIA Picanto is available on such a friendly budget.


The Nissan Micra has an impressive space to make a drive enjoyable. The 5door hatchback provides flexibility to the clients. With conflicting seats, and soft-touch dash. The Nissan Micra Hatchback vaunts a decisively modern and cool atmosphere. With Nissan’s signature roof, hidden back door handles, and a V-motion grille, the exterior is as extraordinary as the interior. With the Nissan Micra, you can easily stay connected with the outside world. You can use Bluetooth for calls too. The stress of parking is gone by choosing a split-screen close-up to the wheels and your wheels can easily maneuver into any space. With the great fuel consumption, Nissan Micra submerses you in a thrilling audio experience with 4 front and 2 rear speakers. With LED running headlights, rain-sensing auto wipers, and tail rear lights you can enjoy driving at any time of the day.

While driving on the slender streets, the Micra is nimble and very easy to handle. And it also has a nice turning radius. And for more rent a hatchback in Dubai.


One of the great advantages of the Toyota Yaris is its excellent fuel competence. Yaris creates a comfortable and elegant upscale interior with a cabin feel. Yaris have standard features like radio, voice recognition, and 2 USB ports. The Yaris is designed to offer nimble control and an extremely smooth ride that make it a great customer car. The Yaris bids a very suitable feature that permits you to lock or unlock the doors just by touching the handle. And as an extra safety feature, the Yaris offers rain-sensing windshield wipers which adjust their rapidity to match the intensity of the rain. The Yaris heating section helps to lower the risks of fog and ice on your side mirrors.


Kia Rio is also a good fuel-efficient car.it saves your time and money at the pump, this model perfectly balances power with fuel, and with handling corners, you will experience a little body roll, the KIA Rio maintains its stability. The Kia Rio is a fairly relaxing car. Providing a peaceful driving experience. You do not have to fear the extra noise from the wind and tires. The Kia Rio has a climate control system that is easy to use. Though some models are too loud or their speakers do not pick up instructions well, the Kia Rio offers a fully well-designed voice recognition system that will not let you be sad. What are you waiting for? Go and rent a hatchback in Dubai.

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